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SubjectRe: ide drive dying?
On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Ookhoi wrote:

> wrote (ao):
> > I have *never* lost data to a Maxtor disk. I have had IBM, Fujitsu,
> > Western Digital, and DEC drives all fail on me before.
> >
> > It's dissapointing that Maxtor are reducing their warranty from 3
> > years to 1 year, but on the other hand, I've never needed it at all.
> On
> they say 3 years limited warranty.

That's only their MaxLine II drives. Their regular DiamondMax and all
that, are still one year starting in October. At least their SCSI drives
haven't been killed off yet.


I'm wonder just who in upper Management at Maxtor decided to help the
company commit suicide.

I've already ordered a few Seagate drives to test out here at our
offices, to replace my previous choice of Maxtor D740X's. I'll still be
looking at the MaxLine II's for backup servers because of the 3 year
warranty, but for desktops, I can't risk our data to drives that even the
manufacturer doesn't trust. The performance drop becomes secondary at
that point.

I know of a few local shops that will no longer carry Maxtor drives
because the warranty costs would kill their profit margin. They cannot
offer a 3 year warranty on the computer when the drive is only covered
for a year.

Mike Dresser,

Systems Administrator
Windsor Machine & Stamping

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