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SubjectRe: ide drive dying?
> On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Ookhoi wrote:
> > wrote (ao):
> > > I have *never* lost data to a Maxtor disk. I have had IBM, Fujitsu,
> > > Western Digital, and DEC drives all fail on me before.
> > >
> > > It's dissapointing that Maxtor are reducing their warranty from 3
> > > years to 1 year, but on the other hand, I've never needed it at all.
> >
> > FWIW:
> > On
> > they say 3 years limited warranty.
> That's only their MaxLine II drives. Their regular DiamondMax and all
> that, are still one year starting in October. At least their SCSI drives
> haven't been killed off yet.
> OffTopic:
> I'm wonder just who in upper Management at Maxtor decided to help the
> company commit suicide.
> I've already ordered a few Seagate drives to test out here at our
> offices, to replace my previous choice of Maxtor D740X's. I'll still be
> looking at the MaxLine II's for backup servers because of the 3 year
> warranty, but for desktops, I can't risk our data to drives that even the
> manufacturer doesn't trust. The performance drop becomes secondary at
> that point.
> I know of a few local shops that will no longer carry Maxtor drives
> because the warranty costs would kill their profit margin. They cannot
> offer a 3 year warranty on the computer when the drive is only covered
> for a year.
> Mike Dresser,
> Systems Administrator
> Windsor Machine & Stamping

According this this announcement:

some of their new ATA drives will carry a three-year warranty.

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