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SubjectLinux v2.5.32

Delayed by various issues (including a HT-only MTRR bug that Ingo finally
chased down and that kept me chasing shadows for days). As a result, this
is fairly big..

Most noticeable is the (already discussed) IDE revert, and the threading
updates. The input layer switch-over may also end up being a bit painful
for a while, since that not only adds a lot of config options that you
have to get right to have a working keyboard and mouse (we'll fix that
usability nightmare), but the drivers themselves are different and there
are likely devices out there that depended on various quirks.

The AIO core code from Ben got merged, and Al worked on cleaning up the
gendisk stuff from a number of drivers that were missed last time. And the
usual USB updates..

Oh, and various architecture updates (sparc64, ppc64, ia-64).



Summary of changes from v2.5.31 to v2.5.32

o 2.5.31 i2c updates

o remove redundant slab.h include (Brad Hards)

o Reorder unlocking in rq_unlock

o eliminate hangs during RPC client shutdown

o drivers/net/bonding.c: Handle non-ETHTOOL devices more correctly

David Mosberger <>:
o ia64: Sync up with 2.5.18
o ia64: Fix fls() declaration so it actually gets inlined. Duh
o ia64: Add perfmon_itanium.h
o ia64: Fix typo in arch/ia64/kernel/signal.c (reported by Peter
o ia64: Make gcc3.1 more aggressive with inline so it does the Right
Thing on DRM
o ia64: Wide IOSAPIC base_irq field to 32 bits. Patch by KOCHI
o ia64: Get rid of obsolete MAP_NR_DENSE(). Patch by Bjorn Helgaas
o ia64: Correct value delivered in siginfo.si_addr for SIGTRAP due to
a debug breakpoint. Patch by Stephane Eranian.
o ia64: Install NaT page at address zero to speed up speculation
across NULL pointers. Patch by Ken Chen.
o ia64: Add McKinley-tuned versions of copy_user() and memcpy().
Patch by Ken Chen
o ia64: Fix NaT consumption fault handler to not oops if fault was
triggered in a code section with an exception handler.
o ia64: Change EFI memory descriptor walking code to ignore memory
areas that could cause illegal memory attribute aliasing.
o ia64: Don't inherit all PSR bits across fork() & exec()
o ia64: Build memcpy.o on Itanium only
o ia64: Fix perfmon initialization bug. Patch by Stephane Eranian
o ia64: New file perfmon_mckinley.h
o ia64: TLB flushing fixes and reserve large-page syscall numbers
o ia64: Misc. minor fixes
o ia64: Fix formatting of Rusty's designated initializer changes
o ia64: Fix "make xconfig". Patch by Keith Owens
o ia64: Drop global irqlock support from hardirq.h. Move HP
simulator config file to arch/ia64/hp/sim/ subdirectory.
o ia64: Sync up with 2.5.29+
o ia64: Allow for more than 32 CPUs. Minor formatting cleanups
o ia64: More 2.5.xx syncing
o ia64: Minor formatting fixes
o ia64: Make fph-restore lazy. Patch by Asit K. Mallick
o ia64: Print fpswa revision number. Based on patch by KOCHI

o Fix spelling in natsemi net driver

o i_sem-less generic_file_write for O_DIRECT & XFS
o fix syscall prototypes in init/do_mounts.c

o Fix typos in 8139cp net driver RxProto{TCP,UDP} constants

o net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_conntrack_core.c: Fix comment typo

o UML patch fixup

o [SCSI 53c700] clean up cli code
o [SCSI debug driver] change DRIVER_ATTR usage

o Here is a small patch that missed inclusion with the bigger MCA
logging patch last February. Please include this in the next
possible ia64 kernel patch.

o net/ipv4/ipconfig.c: Add support for multiple nameservers

o Removal of get_fix and get_var. Use the fields in struct fb_info
o A couple of Oops fixes
o Code cleanups and bug fixes
o ported Mach 64 driver to new fbdev api
o Bug fixes for Sparc platform
o Moved over to use the fix field in struct fb_info instead of fields
in struct display
o M68k fbdev fixes

o Support for Buffalo 40GB USB hard disk

o hotplug boot change updates

o kbuild: remove spurious comment
o kbuild: remove duplicated dependencies
o kbuild: remove duplicate CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK
o kbuild: remove OSS pointless hex default
o kbuild: remove duplicate modules menu
o kbuild: fix missing/spurious EXPERIMENTAL
o kbuild: fix if statement syntax error

o This patch fixes some critical bugs in copy_user exception handler
found by Xavier. The fixes are all in the exception handler and
there are no changes in the main "copy" body. I have tested with
both gcc2.96 and gcc3.1 compiler. Please report issues to me if
there are any. Thanks.

o net/ipv6/netfilter/ip6_tables.c: Fix extension header parsing bugs

o kNFSd: new error codes for NFSv4
o kNFSd: NFSv4: error codes in include/linux/nfsd/nfsd.h
o kNFSd: NFSv4: fix type checking in fh_verify()
o kNFSd: NFSv4: change ->rq_vers==3 to ->rq_vers>2
o kNFSd: NFSv4: return err_nofilehandle if missing fh in fh_verify()
o kNFSd: NFSv4: wipe out all evidence in fh_put()
o kNFSd: NFSv4: allow resfh==fhp in fh_compose()
o kNFSd: NFSv4: overflow check in nfsd_commit()
o kNFSd: NFSv4: allow type==0 in nfsd_unlink()
o kNFSd: NFSv4: tweak nfsd_create_v3() for NFSv4
o kNFSd: NFSv4: new argument to nfsd_access()
o kNFSd: NFSv4: tweak nfsd_readdir() for NFSv4

o vmalloc.c error path fixes

o More__builtin_expect() cleanup in favour of likely/unlikely

o for i386 SETUP CODE

o Re: [PATCH] 2.5.30 scsi_scan.c cleanup/rewrite

o embarrassing 2.5.31 small bug fix for blkdev_reread_part()

o simserial.c needs hw_irq.h to get the declaration for

o kbuild: Moved conmakehash to scripts
o mrproper: Moved knowledge of files in scripts to scripts/Makefile
No reason to keep this knowledge in a central place when it can be

o trivial: 2.5.31+bk forgotten endmenu

o net/unix/af_unix.c: Set ATIME on socket inode

o cpqfc, 2.5.30, lun fix
o fix cpqfc passthrough ioctl for 2.5.30

o [DECNET]: Fix route device refcounting

o Trivial: remove sti from aic7xxx_old
o lockd shouldn't call posix_unblock_lock here

Alan Cox <>:
o Fix #undef warning in xirc2ps_cs net driver

Alexander Viro <>:
o DAC960 per-disk gendisks
o compile fixes, xd.c switched to per-disk gendisks
o cciss partitioning stuff, per-disk gendisks
o per-disk gendisks in ataraid
o acsi per-disk gendisks
o dasd per-disk gendisks
o umem per-disk gendisks
o per-disk gendisks in md.c
o per-disk gendisks in i2o

Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
o arch/i386/lib/checksum.S: Handle zero length

Andrew Morton <>:
o reduced locking in buffer.c
o scaled writeback throttling levels
o random fixes
o designated initialisers for ext2
o export simple_strtoull
o printk from userspace
o pagevec infrastructure
o multithread page reclaim
o batched movement of lru pages in writeback
o batched addition of pages to the LRU
o batched removal of pages from the LRU
o make pagemap_lru_lock irq-safe
o pagemap_lru_lock wrapup
o deferred and batched addition of pages to the LRU
o uninitialised local in generic_file_write
o memory leak in current BK
o PageReserved test in __pagevec_release()
o Fix a race between __page_cache_release() and shrink_cache()
o fix uniprocessor lockups
o Fix a BUG in try_to_unmap()
o Fix YA bug in __page_cache_release
o LRU race semi-fix

Andries E. Brouwer <>:
o usb_string fix

Andy Grover <>:
o By Herbert Nachtnebel
o Make CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT work again (Pavel Machek)
o Change acpi_system_suspend to use new irq functions (Pavel Machek)
o A trio of minor fixes
o ACPI interpreter updates

Anton Altaparmakov <>:
o NTFS: 2.0.25 - Small bug fixes and cleanups

Anton Blanchard <>:
o ppc64: Release the FWNMI area during a system reset, fixes xmon
o ppc64: Fix stupid bug in pte_protect, it helps when we pass the
value in
o ppc64: defconfig update
o ppc64: 2.5.28 update
o ppc64: Correct number of arguments passed to handle_sysrq
o ppc64: Make cpu_relax a barrier
o ppc64: rwsem updates from ppc32 and synchronize_irq fix from x86
o ppc64: rename to pread64/pwrite64 and add sys_readahead
o ppc64: Small clean up of NUMA code
o ppc64: hotplug cpu changes
o ppc64: fix up set_tb and SPRN_TB* defines as well as some misc
o ppc64: Remove -fsigned-char and use -mcpu=power4 in CFLAGS
o ppc64: Allow user to change MSR_FE0 and MSR_FE1 - from ppc32
o ppc64: defconfig update
o ppc64: avoid bitops where possible in cacheflush avoidance code
o ppc64: remove unused include
o ppc64: merge in ppc32 changes to atomic_dec_and_lock
o ppc64: set medium HMT priority in __delay, it gets used outside of
o ppc64: fix atomic_dec_and_lock symbol export
o Use HMT hints in cpu_relax
o ppc64: remove duplicate includes, from Brad Hards
o ppc64: Disable irqs in init_new_context, destroy_context
o ppc64: Fix breakage when I added sys_readahead
o ppc64: missing include
o ppc64: 32 bit syscall cleanup, first step in making this stuff
o ppc64: remove some unimplemented syscalls
o ppc64: 32 bit mknod and chmod need no sign extension

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>:
o make psnap and p8022 use the new LLC stack
o LLC: Remove global variables used in confirms and indications
o LLC: fix AF_LLC connection confirm and core connection request bugs
o [ATALK] fix compilation of appletalk drivers
o LLC: use skb->cb to store the LLC events

Asit K. Mallick <>:
o fix Itanium copy_user for uninitialized NaT

Benjamin LaHaise <>:
o reduce stack usage of sanitize_e820_map
o convert quota.h to bsd 3 clause
o add basic stubs for aio
o add aio core

Bjorn Helgaas <>:
o ia64: GENERIC build fixes
o ia64: Here's a patch to make sba_iommu work again
o Here are a couple patches against 2.5.18-ia64-020530. The first is
some trivial cleanup in ia64/kernel/acpi.c (no need to initialize
automatics that are immediately assigned, don't check for "0 ==
__va(x)", don't bail out of acpi_boot_init

Brad Hards <>:
o Remove unneeded #includes from 3c359, sbni, and sdla_ft1 net

Brian Beattie <>:
o patch for 2.5 scanner.h add device id's

Christoph Hellwig <>:
o VM: Rework vmalloc code to support mapping of arbitray pages
o Cleanup BKL handling and move kernel_flag definition to common code
o Cleanup console merge

Dave Hansen <>:
o NUMA-Q disable irqbalance
o fix link problem in ips driver

Dave Jones <>:
o Modular x86 MTRR driver
o ROMFS superblock cleanup
o UFS superblock cleanup
o struct superblock cleanups

Dave Kleikamp <>:
o JFS: Trivial fixes
o [JFS] direct-to-BIO pagecache IO

David Brownell <>:
o ehci updates
o ohci, rm sparc64 oops
o ehci, debug info in driverfs
o ehci does interrupt queuing
o expose dma_addr_t in urbs
o HCDs support new DMA APIs (part 1 of 2)
o HCDs support new DMA APIs (part 2 of 2)
o USB core cleanups
o misc usbcore cleanups

David Mosberger <>:
o ia64: Fix do_profile() to account kernel ticks spent on behalf of
pid 0. Clean up arch/ia64/ (based on patch by Keith
o ia64: Sync with 2.5.30
o ia64: Sync up with 2.5.31

David S. Miller <>:
o net/llc/llc_main.c: Fix typo in struct member init
o SPARC: Implement pcic_present which walks OBP tree, use it always
in sbus_init
o arch/sparc64/defconfig: Update
o arch/sparc64/kernel/pci.c:pcic_present Invoke pci_is_controller
o drivers/scsi/esp.c: Kill unused local var flags
o include/linux/netdevice.h: Define HAVE_NETDEV_POLL
o kernel/sched.c:migration_init Avoid int-->pointer cast warning on
o kernel/softirq.c:spawn_ksoftirqd Avoid int-->pointer cast warning
on 64-bit
o kernel/cpu.c:cpu_up Avoid int-->pointer cast warning on 64-bit
o drivers/ide/ide-disk.c:lba_capacity_is_ok {u,s}64 is not
necessarily a long long
o fs/jfs/resize.c:jfs_extendfs {u,s}64 is not necessarily a long long
o drivers/scsi/sr.c: Fix casting between pointer and int
o drivers/scsi/st.c: Fix casting between pointer and int
o drivers/scsi/qlogicisp.c:isp1020_load_paramters Kill unused local
o SPARC64: Initial Cheetah+ cpu support
o arch/sparc64/mm/modutil.c: Fixup vmalloc interface changes
o include/linux/fb.h: Declare do_install_cmap
o [VIDEO]: Port SBUS framebuffer to video layer changes
o drivers/video/aty/mach64_cursor.c: Kill warning on sparc64
o arch/sparc64/defconfig: Update
o include/asm-sparc{,64}/ide.h: Get IDE layer building again on Sparc
o arch/sparc64/kernel/smp.c:smp_tune_scheduling Handle Cheetah+
o SPARC64: Fix obscure cheetah+ hangs
o TIGON3: Add missing udelay when clearing SRAM stats/status block
o net/unix/af_unix.c: Set msg_namelen in unix_copy_addr properly,
o net/ipv4/tcp_diag.c: Avoid unaligned accesses to tcpdiag_cookie
o SPARC64:setup_arch Flush correct I-cache line when patching
o SPARC64: Bug fixes in arch/sparc64/mm/ultra.S
o [CLONE_*TID]: Make tsk->user_tid and int so that 64-bit arches work
o [SPARC64]: Synchronize with 2.5.x changes
o [SPARC32]: Synchronize with 2.5.x changes
o net/unix/af_unix.c: protinfo is dead, use unix_sk()
o SPARC64: Ultra-III+ bug fix and better bad trap logging

David S. Miller <>:
o I did find one bug, hid_submit_ctrl() does not cpu_to_le16() all
the control request fields properly.

Douglas Gilbert <>:
o Here is an update for scsi_debug that utilizes driverfs support for
per driver parameters added in lk 2.5.31
o lk 2.5.31 scsi interface documentation
o This version of sg for the lk 2.5 series re-adds direct IO support
using work done by Kai Makisara (on st driver, posted 2002/7/29).

Eric Sandeen <>:
o Remove unused var and unused func from ali-ircc IrDA driver <>:
o Hi Vojtech, I noticed you just pushed the pc_keyb.c removal to
linux-input, here is the PPC part of it that removes now superflous
stuff. The small change in keyboard.c is a bugfix from 2.4 and ruby
that didn't make it into 2.5 yet.
o Two minor fixes on top of the PPC final input conversion

Geert Uytterhoeven <>:
o Compile fixes for Amiga input drivers

Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
o USB storage: split up BUG_ON for easier debugging
o USB: Makefile fix for previous patch
o USB: remove LINUX_VERSION_CODE checks
o USB: moved put_bus to its proper place (as the last thing we do
shutting down.)
o USB: check to see if we have a disconnect function before trying to
call it
o USB: fixed DEVICE_ATTR usage in the ehci driver
o USB: changed usb_match_id to not need the usb_device pointer
o USB: rename printer.c to usblp.c as that's what it has been calling
itself :)
o USB: added usblcd driver
o USB: fix minor number for the usblcd driver
o USB: added the speedtouch usb driver

Harald Welte <>:
o include/linux/kernel.h: Define HIPQUAD correctly on little-endian
o [NETFILTER]: Synchronize with 2.4.x newnat infrastructure
o NETFILTER: New netfilter modules
o NETFILTER: Rest of new netfilter modules changes

Hirofumi Ogawa <>:
o Fix generic_file_send()
o add sendfile() support to fatfs (3/3)

Ingo Molnar <>:
o tls-2.5.31-D9
o APM TLS fix, 2.5.31-BK
o clone-detached-2.5.31-B0
o user-vm-unlock-2.5.31-A2
o thread release infrastructure
o stale thread detach debugging removal
o thread management - take three
o Thread exit notification by futex
o Re: Boot failure in 2.5.31 BK with new TLS patch
o O(1) sys_exit(), threading, scalable-exit-2.5.31-B4
o O(1) sys_exit(), threading, scalable-exit-2.5.31-A6
o HT & MTRRs, 2.5.31-BK-curr

James Morris <>:
o [NETFILTER]: Fixup ip6_queue much like ip_queue was
o net/ipv4/netfilter/ipfwadm_core.c: Fix 2.5.x compilation

Jan-Benedict Glaw <>:
o CodingStyle and docu update to srm_env

Jeff Garzik <>:
o Remove dead prototype, fix printk format string in rcpci45 net
o Include linux/bitops.h in e100 net driver, it uses ffs (Noticed by

Jens Axboe <>:
o Delete 2.5 IDE core
o Add 2.4 IDE core, based on late 2.4.19-pre-acX version
o Add missing pci ids for various ide controllers
o Add x86 versions of various irq and resource stuff for 2.4-ide
o Add back in the request types that 2.4 still uses, need to clean
these a bit later
o Add back in the missing 2.4-ide bits from hdreg.h These also wants
a bit of cleaning later.
o Add in 2.4 ide-scsi
o sym53c8xx_2

Kai Germaschewski <>:
o ISDN: Move calculating the currently used bandwidth
o ISDN: Start cleaning isdn_net hangup timeout handling
o ISDN: Fix problem
o ISDN: Use C99 initializers
o ISDN: __FUNCTION__ cleanup
o ISDN: Change Christian Mock's email adress
o ISDN: Fix BC_BUSY problem
o ISDN: Remove debugging code
o kbuild: check for updated [Cc] files
o kbuild: Cleanup the chmod rule in scripts/
o kbuild: Fix drivers/net/appletalk/
o kbuild: Remove HPATH, general cleanup
o kbuild: Common rule for preprocessing <>:
o SCSI tape direct transfers for 2.5.31

Linus Torvalds <>:
o Don't allow user-level helpers to be run when our infrastructure
isn't ready for it (either during early boot, or at shutdown)
o Missed prototype for 'system_running' fix
o Don't BUG_ON() SCSI length confusion. Print out the problem and the
call trace instead.
o Move x86 big-kernel-lock implementation into <linux/smp_lock.h>,
since it was generic.
o Hmm.. It was never correct to directly include <asm/smplock.h>, but
some files still did (and got the wrong results on UP).
o re-do spinlock cleanup, it was innocent Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20020821235957|57282
o Handle page fault atomicity correctly when preempt is enabled
o Fix syntax error in character driver file introduced by
input merge
o Keyboard reset NAK does not imply that the keyboard isn't there.
o Get rid of /proc dependency on inode numbers
o Clean up asm-i386/smplock.h
o Remove extraneous ptrace.h include
o Fix missing kmap_types.h header (it got included "by mistake" with
highmem enabled, but not otherwise, and was always required).
o Update defconfig to current state (keyboard/input layer in

Luca Barbieri <>:
o Make rmap.c alloc/free actually inline

Martin Mares <>:
o PCI ID's for 2.5.31 <>:
o NUMA-Q relocate early ioremap
o NUMA-Q disable irqbalance

Matthew Dharm <>:
o USB-storage: final abort handler cleanup
o USB-storage: final abort handler cleanup, for real
o fix devices which don't support EVPD
o fix devices which don't support START_STOP

Neil Brown <>:
o Rearrange setting of snd/rcv buf size to avoid locking issue
o RPC/TCP 2 of 4 - Allow SO_REUSEADDR for NFS sockets
o RPC/TCP 3 of 4 - Correct error message when rpc/tcp sent fails
o RPC/TCP 4 of 4 - Handle short read when reading RPC/TCP packet
o Fix two problems with multiple concurrent nfs/tcp connects
o call svc_sock_setbufsize when socket created
o Fix error message printed when not enough queue space
o md: Fix assort typos in most recent MD patches
o md: Silence a warning in md.c
o md: Store rdev instead of bdev in per-personality status arrays
o md: MD error handers and md_sync_acct now get rdev instead of bdev
o md: Keep track of number of pending requests on each component
device on an MD array
o md: Remove used_slot field from per-personality info
o md: Make spare handling simple ... personalities know less
o md: Improve code for deciding whether to skip an IO in raid5
o md: Remove 'alias_device' flag
o md: Remove per-personality 'operational' and 'write_only' flags
o md: Make the old-ioctl warning in md only complain about MD ioctls
o md: Get rid of un-necessary warning in md
o md: Fix up oops-able error message

Oliver Neukum <>:
o fix urb leak in error in cdc-ether
o Problem with CDC Ethernet driver (CDCEther.c)

Patrick Mochel <>:
o Change DEVICE_ATTR, BUS_ATTR, and DRIVER_ATTR macros to not take a
'_str' parameter, and just __stringify the name instead.
o Update device model locking
o Fix and prevent bugs in device_register()
o Update device model locking
o Remove do_driver_detach(), since device_detach does the same thing
o Use C99 initializers in driver model core
o Make sure we do to_dev(node) in device_suspend()
o Remove device_root device; replace with global_device_list
o Remove extra '#include <linux/err.h>' in drivers/base/core.c
o Introduce struct device_class
o Introduce struct device_interface
o Define input device class and register it
o Define a struct device_interface for all the input interfaces and
register them with the input device class when started up.
o unlock the right lock in enum_device
o input layer update
o Remove input_handler list; replace with
o Use standard linked lists in input layer

Paul Larson <>:
o Include tgid when finding next_safe in get_pid()

Paul Mackerras <>:
o USB root hub polling and suspend
o add FP exception mode prctl
o PPC32: add the bits needed for AIO and sendfile64 support
o PPC32: define L1_CACHE_SHIFT
o PPC32: Fix the type of set_rtc_time
o PPC32: include sched.h before elfcore.h in ppc_ksyms.c
o PPC32: define bits that are needed for the IDE subsystem now
o PPC32: remove code that sets kd_mksound now that it isn't a pointer <>:
o Probe port 0x240 too, in eexpress net driver

Pete Zaitcev <>:
o SPARC: More work to get sparc32 working in 2.5.x
o SPARC: Fix prom_printf and prom console behavior
o include/asm-sparc/pgtable.h: Fix woops in ZERO_PAGE

Petr Vandrovec <>:
o C99 designated initializers for fs/ncpfs
o Support secondary head DDC on G450/G550
o Make secondary output support mandatory for Matrox G450/G550
o Remove structure holding state of secondary output in the matroxfb
o matroxfb: Find appropriate setting for specified color depth by
looking through table instead of using if-else branches in code.
Source is cleaner, and generated code is smaller with this change.
By Denis Zaitsev <>
o Simplify rules for writting secondary output drivers to matroxfb
o Use arrays for holding Matrox output drivers, it is nicer and more
extensible than current solution with per-CRTC bitmaps.
o Store pointer to matroxfb specific fb information instead of
universal fb_info* pointer for secondary head. Saves some
o Use container_of instead of simple typecast when we convert
pointers from pointer to fb_info to pointers to matrox_fb_info.
o Initialize Matrox G100 and G400 hardware with values read from BIOS
instead of with failsafe settings discovered in the past.
o matroxfb DVI updates
o Add TV-Out support for Matrox G450/G550. Due to the hardware only
secondary CRTC can be used as a source for TV output.
o Make debug printouts in matroxfb G400 TV-out disabled by default
o Remove currcon field from private fb_info in matroxfb. It was moved
to the generic layer long ago.
o Use sizeof(*var) instead of sizeof(struct xxx) in matroxfb
o Return ENOTTY instead of EINVAL for unknown ioctl ops in matroxfb
o Add support for MGA-TVO-B into matroxfb. By Mike Pieper
o matroxfb: Do not store results of bitwise AND directly in variables
which are treated as a booleans. Comparsion does not work correctly
on them.
o Set system PLL vcomax correctly in matroxfb. Discovered by Dirk
o Update matroxfb to the current fbdev API
o Unicode characters 0x80-0x9F are valid ISO* characters
o broken cfb* support in the 2.5.31-bk
o es1371 synchronize_irq
o oops from console subsystem: dereferencing wild pointer
o More display -> fb_info fixes for new fbdev

Randy Dunlap <>:
o Network Options and Network Devices together

Rik van Riel <>:
o rmap bugfix, try_to_unmap

Robert Love <>:
o spinlock.h cleanup

Rusty Russell <>:
o Designated initializers for ia64
o [TRIVIAL] Use __cachline_aligned in netdevice.h
o ia64 incorrect field name in message
o designated initializers for include/linux
o Designated initializers for i386
o Export __per_cpu_offset so modules can use per-cpu data
o get_cpu_var patch
o init_tasks is not defined anywhere

Simon Evans <>:
o misc fixes for konicawc driver
o cleanup RingQueue_* functions in usbvideo.c
o konicawc - make snapshot button into input device
o add callback for VIDIOCSWIN ioctl to usbvideo
o add VIDIOCSWIN support to konicawc driver
o use __FUNCTION__ in usbvideo
o typedef uvd_t removal in usbvideo

Stéphane Eranian <>:
o Allow blocking on overflow notifications to work again

Tom Rini <>:
o A generic RTC driver [1/3]
o A generic RTC driver [2/3]
o A generic RTC driver [3/3]

Trond Myklebust <>:
o Fix typo in the RPC reconnect code
o cleanup RPC accounting
o Clean up the RPC socket slot allocation code [1/2]
o Clean up the RPC socket slot allocation code [2/2]
o Improve NFS READ reply sanity checking
o Improve READDIR/READDIRPLUS sanity checking

V. Ganesh <>:
o typo in usb/serial/ipaq.h

Vojtech Pavlik <>:
o Fix i8042.c to ignore fake key releases generated by AT keyboard in
translated set 2. This fixes a problem where shift-pgup, with the
pgup released first generated an unknown scancode warning and the
shift remained stuck.
o This is the last and most important step in the input core
o This (re)implements getkeycode/setkeycode, kbd_rate and kd_mksound
as functions interfacing to the input core. PC-Speaker handling is
moved to a separate file. Uinput is moved to a input/misc
o Shorten the keycode handling code in keyboard.c and evdev.c
o Fix bits that have fallen out when merging input-based keyboard.c
into 2.5 - kbd0 init, sysrq support, show_regs, show_mem,
show_state support, correct handling of shifts across vt switches,
console blanking, console callback. Hope that's all.
o Always build input.o in - avoid build problems with keyboard.c
o Add mouse model reporting into psmouse.c
o Fix a dangling 'else' after removing ps/2 keyboard support
o Workaround to make iforce-usb.c compile with Pat Mochel's input to
standard lists conversion.
o Minor endianness and debugging fixes. Most thanks to Dave Miller

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