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SubjectRe: Linux v2.5.32
a small compile error 

gcc-3.2 -E
-D__KERNEL__ -I/root/linux-2.5.32/include -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes
-Wno-trigraphs -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common
-pipe -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 -march=i686 -nostdinc -iwithprefix
include -DKBUILD_BASENAME=i2o_block -D__GENKSYMS__ i2o_block.c |
/sbin/genksyms -p smp_ -k 2.5.32 >
i2o_block.c:43:2: #error Please convert me to
make[5]: ***
Error 1
make[5]: Leaving directory `/root/linux-2.5.32/drivers/message/i2o'
make[4]: *** [i2o] Error 2
make[4]: Leaving directory `/root/linux-2.5.32/drivers/message'
make[3]: *** [message] Error 2
make[3]: Leaving directory `/root/linux-2.5.32/drivers'
make[2]: *** [_sfdep_drivers] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/linux-2.5.32'
make[1]: *** [include/linux/modversions.h] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/linux-2.5.32'
make: *** [.hdepend] Error 2

Best Regards

Stephane Wirtel

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 12:47:16PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Delayed by various issues (including a HT-only MTRR bug that Ingo finally
> chased down and that kept me chasing shadows for days). As a result, this
> is fairly big..
> Most noticeable is the (already discussed) IDE revert, and the threading
> updates. The input layer switch-over may also end up being a bit painful
> for a while, since that not only adds a lot of config options that you
> have to get right to have a working keyboard and mouse (we'll fix that
> usability nightmare), but the drivers themselves are different and there
> are likely devices out there that depended on various quirks.
> The AIO core code from Ben got merged, and Al worked on cleaning up the
> gendisk stuff from a number of drivers that were missed last time. And the
> usual USB updates..
> Oh, and various architecture updates (sparc64, ppc64, ia-64).
> Linus
> -----
> Summary of changes from v2.5.31 to v2.5.32
> ============================================
> <>:
> o 2.5.31 i2c updates
> <>:
> o remove redundant slab.h include (Brad Hards)
> <>:
> o Reorder unlocking in rq_unlock
> <>:
> o eliminate hangs during RPC client shutdown
> <>:
> o drivers/net/bonding.c: Handle non-ETHTOOL devices more correctly
> David Mosberger <>:
> o ia64: Sync up with 2.5.18
> o ia64: Fix fls() declaration so it actually gets inlined. Duh
> o ia64: Add perfmon_itanium.h
> o ia64: Fix typo in arch/ia64/kernel/signal.c (reported by Peter
> Chubb)
> o ia64: Make gcc3.1 more aggressive with inline so it does the Right
> Thing on DRM
> o ia64: Wide IOSAPIC base_irq field to 32 bits. Patch by KOCHI
> Takayoshi
> o ia64: Get rid of obsolete MAP_NR_DENSE(). Patch by Bjorn Helgaas
> o ia64: Correct value delivered in siginfo.si_addr for SIGTRAP due to
> a debug breakpoint. Patch by Stephane Eranian.
> o ia64: Install NaT page at address zero to speed up speculation
> across NULL pointers. Patch by Ken Chen.
> o ia64: Add McKinley-tuned versions of copy_user() and memcpy().
> Patch by Ken Chen
> o ia64: Fix NaT consumption fault handler to not oops if fault was
> triggered in a code section with an exception handler.
> o ia64: Change EFI memory descriptor walking code to ignore memory
> areas that could cause illegal memory attribute aliasing.
> o ia64: Don't inherit all PSR bits across fork() & exec()
> o ia64: Build memcpy.o on Itanium only
> o ia64: Fix perfmon initialization bug. Patch by Stephane Eranian
> o ia64: New file perfmon_mckinley.h
> o ia64: TLB flushing fixes and reserve large-page syscall numbers
> o ia64: Misc. minor fixes
> o ia64: Fix formatting of Rusty's designated initializer changes
> o ia64: Fix "make xconfig". Patch by Keith Owens
> o ia64: Drop global irqlock support from hardirq.h. Move HP
> simulator config file to arch/ia64/hp/sim/ subdirectory.
> o ia64: Sync up with 2.5.29+
> o ia64: Allow for more than 32 CPUs. Minor formatting cleanups
> o ia64: More 2.5.xx syncing
> o ia64: Minor formatting fixes
> o ia64: Make fph-restore lazy. Patch by Asit K. Mallick
> o ia64: Print fpswa revision number. Based on patch by KOCHI
> Takayoshi.
> <>:
> o Fix spelling in natsemi net driver
> <>:
> o i_sem-less generic_file_write for O_DIRECT & XFS
> o fix syscall prototypes in init/do_mounts.c
> <>:
> o Fix typos in 8139cp net driver RxProto{TCP,UDP} constants
> <>:
> o net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_conntrack_core.c: Fix comment typo
> <>:
> o UML patch fixup
> <jejb@mulgrave.(none)>:
> o [SCSI 53c700] clean up cli code
> o [SCSI debug driver] change DRIVER_ATTR usage
> <>:
> o Here is a small patch that missed inclusion with the bigger MCA
> logging patch last February. Please include this in the next
> possible ia64 kernel patch.
> <>:
> o net/ipv4/ipconfig.c: Add support for multiple nameservers
> <>:
> o Removal of get_fix and get_var. Use the fields in struct fb_info
> instead
> o A couple of Oops fixes
> o Code cleanups and bug fixes
> o ported Mach 64 driver to new fbdev api
> o Bug fixes for Sparc platform
> o Moved over to use the fix field in struct fb_info instead of fields
> in struct display
> o M68k fbdev fixes
> <>:
> o Support for Buffalo 40GB USB hard disk
> <>:
> o hotplug boot change updates
> <>:
> o kbuild: remove spurious comment
> o kbuild: remove duplicated dependencies
> o kbuild: remove duplicate CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK
> o kbuild: remove OSS pointless hex default
> o kbuild: remove duplicate modules menu
> o kbuild: fix missing/spurious EXPERIMENTAL
> o kbuild: fix if statement syntax error
> <>:
> o This patch fixes some critical bugs in copy_user exception handler
> found by Xavier. The fixes are all in the exception handler and
> there are no changes in the main "copy" body. I have tested with
> both gcc2.96 and gcc3.1 compiler. Please report issues to me if
> there are any. Thanks.
> <>:
> o net/ipv6/netfilter/ip6_tables.c: Fix extension header parsing bugs
> <>:
> o kNFSd: new error codes for NFSv4
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: error codes in include/linux/nfsd/nfsd.h
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: fix type checking in fh_verify()
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: change ->rq_vers==3 to ->rq_vers>2
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: return err_nofilehandle if missing fh in fh_verify()
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: wipe out all evidence in fh_put()
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: allow resfh==fhp in fh_compose()
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: overflow check in nfsd_commit()
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: allow type==0 in nfsd_unlink()
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: tweak nfsd_create_v3() for NFSv4
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: new argument to nfsd_access()
> o kNFSd: NFSv4: tweak nfsd_readdir() for NFSv4
> <>:
> o vmalloc.c error path fixes
> <>:
> o More__builtin_expect() cleanup in favour of likely/unlikely
> <>:
> o for i386 SETUP CODE
> <>:
> o Re: [PATCH] 2.5.30 scsi_scan.c cleanup/rewrite
> <>:
> o embarrassing 2.5.31 small bug fix for blkdev_reread_part()
> <>:
> o simserial.c needs hw_irq.h to get the declaration for
> ia64_alloc_irq()
> <>:
> o kbuild: Moved conmakehash to scripts
> o mrproper: Moved knowledge of files in scripts to scripts/Makefile
> No reason to keep this knowledge in a central place when it can be
> avoided
> <>:
> o trivial: 2.5.31+bk forgotten endmenu
> <>:
> o net/unix/af_unix.c: Set ATIME on socket inode
> <>:
> o cpqfc, 2.5.30, lun fix
> o fix cpqfc passthrough ioctl for 2.5.30
> <>:
> o [DECNET]: Fix route device refcounting
> <>:
> o Trivial: remove sti from aic7xxx_old
> o lockd shouldn't call posix_unblock_lock here
> Alan Cox <>:
> o Fix #undef warning in xirc2ps_cs net driver
> Alexander Viro <>:
> o DAC960 per-disk gendisks
> o compile fixes, xd.c switched to per-disk gendisks
> o cciss partitioning stuff, per-disk gendisks
> o per-disk gendisks in ataraid
> o acsi per-disk gendisks
> o dasd per-disk gendisks
> o umem per-disk gendisks
> o per-disk gendisks in md.c
> o per-disk gendisks in i2o
> Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
> o arch/i386/lib/checksum.S: Handle zero length
> Andrew Morton <>:
> o reduced locking in buffer.c
> o scaled writeback throttling levels
> o random fixes
> o designated initialisers for ext2
> o export simple_strtoull
> o printk from userspace
> o pagevec infrastructure
> o multithread page reclaim
> o batched movement of lru pages in writeback
> o batched addition of pages to the LRU
> o batched removal of pages from the LRU
> o make pagemap_lru_lock irq-safe
> o pagemap_lru_lock wrapup
> o deferred and batched addition of pages to the LRU
> o uninitialised local in generic_file_write
> o memory leak in current BK
> o PageReserved test in __pagevec_release()
> o Fix a race between __page_cache_release() and shrink_cache()
> o fix uniprocessor lockups
> o Fix a BUG in try_to_unmap()
> o Fix YA bug in __page_cache_release
> o LRU race semi-fix
> Andries E. Brouwer <>:
> o usb_string fix
> Andy Grover <>:
> o By Herbert Nachtnebel
> o Make CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT work again (Pavel Machek)
> o Change acpi_system_suspend to use new irq functions (Pavel Machek)
> o A trio of minor fixes
> o ACPI interpreter updates
> Anton Altaparmakov <>:
> o NTFS: 2.0.25 - Small bug fixes and cleanups
> Anton Blanchard <>:
> o ppc64: Release the FWNMI area during a system reset, fixes xmon
> o ppc64: Fix stupid bug in pte_protect, it helps when we pass the
> value in
> o ppc64: defconfig update
> o ppc64: 2.5.28 update
> o ppc64: Correct number of arguments passed to handle_sysrq
> o ppc64: Make cpu_relax a barrier
> o ppc64: rwsem updates from ppc32 and synchronize_irq fix from x86
> o ppc64: rename to pread64/pwrite64 and add sys_readahead
> o ppc64: Small clean up of NUMA code
> o ppc64: hotplug cpu changes
> o ppc64: fix up set_tb and SPRN_TB* defines as well as some misc
> cleanups
> o ppc64: Remove -fsigned-char and use -mcpu=power4 in CFLAGS
> o ppc64: Allow user to change MSR_FE0 and MSR_FE1 - from ppc32
> o ppc64: defconfig update
> o ppc64: avoid bitops where possible in cacheflush avoidance code
> o ppc64: remove unused include
> o ppc64: merge in ppc32 changes to atomic_dec_and_lock
> o ppc64: set medium HMT priority in __delay, it gets used outside of
> udelay
> o ppc64: fix atomic_dec_and_lock symbol export
> o Use HMT hints in cpu_relax
> o ppc64: remove duplicate includes, from Brad Hards
> o ppc64: Disable irqs in init_new_context, destroy_context
> o ppc64: Fix breakage when I added sys_readahead
> o ppc64: missing include
> o ppc64: 32 bit syscall cleanup, first step in making this stuff
> generic
> o ppc64: remove some unimplemented syscalls
> o ppc64: 32 bit mknod and chmod need no sign extension
> Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>:
> o make psnap and p8022 use the new LLC stack
> o LLC: Remove global variables used in confirms and indications
> o LLC: fix AF_LLC connection confirm and core connection request bugs
> o [ATALK] fix compilation of appletalk drivers
> o LLC: use skb->cb to store the LLC events
> Asit K. Mallick <>:
> o fix Itanium copy_user for uninitialized NaT
> Benjamin LaHaise <>:
> o reduce stack usage of sanitize_e820_map
> o convert quota.h to bsd 3 clause
> o add basic stubs for aio
> o add aio core
> Bjorn Helgaas <>:
> o ia64: GENERIC build fixes
> o ia64: Here's a patch to make sba_iommu work again
> o Here are a couple patches against 2.5.18-ia64-020530. The first is
> some trivial cleanup in ia64/kernel/acpi.c (no need to initialize
> automatics that are immediately assigned, don't check for "0 ==
> __va(x)", don't bail out of acpi_boot_init
> Brad Hards <>:
> o Remove unneeded #includes from 3c359, sbni, and sdla_ft1 net
> drivers
> Brian Beattie <>:
> o patch for 2.5 scanner.h add device id's
> Christoph Hellwig <>:
> o VM: Rework vmalloc code to support mapping of arbitray pages
> o Cleanup BKL handling and move kernel_flag definition to common code
> o Cleanup console merge
> Dave Hansen <>:
> o NUMA-Q disable irqbalance
> o fix link problem in ips driver
> Dave Jones <>:
> o Modular x86 MTRR driver
> o ROMFS superblock cleanup
> o UFS superblock cleanup
> o struct superblock cleanups
> Dave Kleikamp <>:
> o JFS: Trivial fixes
> o [JFS] direct-to-BIO pagecache IO
> David Brownell <>:
> o ehci updates
> o ohci, rm sparc64 oops
> o ehci, debug info in driverfs
> o ehci does interrupt queuing
> o expose dma_addr_t in urbs
> o HCDs support new DMA APIs (part 1 of 2)
> o HCDs support new DMA APIs (part 2 of 2)
> o USB core cleanups
> o misc usbcore cleanups
> David Mosberger <>:
> o ia64: Fix do_profile() to account kernel ticks spent on behalf of
> pid 0. Clean up arch/ia64/ (based on patch by Keith
> Owens).
> o ia64: Sync with 2.5.30
> o ia64: Sync up with 2.5.31
> David S. Miller <>:
> o net/llc/llc_main.c: Fix typo in struct member init
> o SPARC: Implement pcic_present which walks OBP tree, use it always
> in sbus_init
> o arch/sparc64/defconfig: Update
> o arch/sparc64/kernel/pci.c:pcic_present Invoke pci_is_controller
> o drivers/scsi/esp.c: Kill unused local var flags
> o include/linux/netdevice.h: Define HAVE_NETDEV_POLL
> o kernel/sched.c:migration_init Avoid int-->pointer cast warning on
> 64-bit
> o kernel/softirq.c:spawn_ksoftirqd Avoid int-->pointer cast warning
> on 64-bit
> o kernel/cpu.c:cpu_up Avoid int-->pointer cast warning on 64-bit
> o drivers/ide/ide-disk.c:lba_capacity_is_ok {u,s}64 is not
> necessarily a long long
> o fs/jfs/resize.c:jfs_extendfs {u,s}64 is not necessarily a long long
> o drivers/scsi/sr.c: Fix casting between pointer and int
> o drivers/scsi/st.c: Fix casting between pointer and int
> o drivers/scsi/qlogicisp.c:isp1020_load_paramters Kill unused local
> variable
> o SPARC64: Initial Cheetah+ cpu support
> o arch/sparc64/mm/modutil.c: Fixup vmalloc interface changes
> o include/linux/fb.h: Declare do_install_cmap
> o [VIDEO]: Port SBUS framebuffer to video layer changes
> o drivers/video/aty/mach64_cursor.c: Kill warning on sparc64
> o arch/sparc64/defconfig: Update
> o include/asm-sparc{,64}/ide.h: Get IDE layer building again on Sparc
> o arch/sparc64/kernel/smp.c:smp_tune_scheduling Handle Cheetah+
> o SPARC64: Fix obscure cheetah+ hangs
> o TIGON3: Add missing udelay when clearing SRAM stats/status block
> o net/unix/af_unix.c: Set msg_namelen in unix_copy_addr properly,
> o net/ipv4/tcp_diag.c: Avoid unaligned accesses to tcpdiag_cookie
> o SPARC64:setup_arch Flush correct I-cache line when patching
> irqsz_patchme
> o SPARC64: Bug fixes in arch/sparc64/mm/ultra.S
> o [CLONE_*TID]: Make tsk->user_tid and int so that 64-bit arches work
> o [SPARC64]: Synchronize with 2.5.x changes
> o [SPARC32]: Synchronize with 2.5.x changes
> o net/unix/af_unix.c: protinfo is dead, use unix_sk()
> o SPARC64: Ultra-III+ bug fix and better bad trap logging
> David S. Miller <>:
> o I did find one bug, hid_submit_ctrl() does not cpu_to_le16() all
> the control request fields properly.
> Douglas Gilbert <>:
> o Here is an update for scsi_debug that utilizes driverfs support for
> per driver parameters added in lk 2.5.31
> o lk 2.5.31 scsi interface documentation
> o This version of sg for the lk 2.5 series re-adds direct IO support
> using work done by Kai Makisara (on st driver, posted 2002/7/29).
> Eric Sandeen <>:
> o Remove unused var and unused func from ali-ircc IrDA driver
> <>:
> o Hi Vojtech, I noticed you just pushed the pc_keyb.c removal to
> linux-input, here is the PPC part of it that removes now superflous
> stuff. The small change in keyboard.c is a bugfix from 2.4 and ruby
> that didn't make it into 2.5 yet.
> o Two minor fixes on top of the PPC final input conversion
> Geert Uytterhoeven <>:
> o Compile fixes for Amiga input drivers
> Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
> o USB storage: split up BUG_ON for easier debugging
> o USB: Makefile fix for previous patch
> o USB: remove LINUX_VERSION_CODE checks
> o USB: moved put_bus to its proper place (as the last thing we do
> shutting down.)
> o USB: check to see if we have a disconnect function before trying to
> call it
> o USB: fixed DEVICE_ATTR usage in the ehci driver
> o USB: changed usb_match_id to not need the usb_device pointer
> o USB: rename printer.c to usblp.c as that's what it has been calling
> itself :)
> o USB: added usblcd driver
> o USB: fix minor number for the usblcd driver
> o USB: added the speedtouch usb driver
> Harald Welte <>:
> o include/linux/kernel.h: Define HIPQUAD correctly on little-endian
> o [NETFILTER]: Synchronize with 2.4.x newnat infrastructure
> o NETFILTER: New netfilter modules
> o NETFILTER: Rest of new netfilter modules changes
> Hirofumi Ogawa <>:
> o Fix generic_file_send()
> o add sendfile() support to fatfs (3/3)
> Ingo Molnar <>:
> o tls-2.5.31-D9
> o APM TLS fix, 2.5.31-BK
> o clone-detached-2.5.31-B0
> o user-vm-unlock-2.5.31-A2
> o thread release infrastructure
> o stale thread detach debugging removal
> o thread management - take three
> o Thread exit notification by futex
> o Re: Boot failure in 2.5.31 BK with new TLS patch
> o O(1) sys_exit(), threading, scalable-exit-2.5.31-B4
> o O(1) sys_exit(), threading, scalable-exit-2.5.31-A6
> o HT & MTRRs, 2.5.31-BK-curr
> James Morris <>:
> o [NETFILTER]: Fixup ip6_queue much like ip_queue was
> o net/ipv4/netfilter/ipfwadm_core.c: Fix 2.5.x compilation
> Jan-Benedict Glaw <>:
> o CodingStyle and docu update to srm_env
> Jeff Garzik <>:
> o Remove dead prototype, fix printk format string in rcpci45 net
> driver
> o Include linux/bitops.h in e100 net driver, it uses ffs (Noticed by
> DaveM)
> Jens Axboe <>:
> o Delete 2.5 IDE core
> o Add 2.4 IDE core, based on late 2.4.19-pre-acX version
> o Add missing pci ids for various ide controllers
> o Add x86 versions of various irq and resource stuff for 2.4-ide
> o Add back in the request types that 2.4 still uses, need to clean
> these a bit later
> o Add back in the missing 2.4-ide bits from hdreg.h These also wants
> a bit of cleaning later.
> o Add in 2.4 ide-scsi
> o sym53c8xx_2
> Kai Germaschewski <>:
> o ISDN: Move calculating the currently used bandwidth
> o ISDN: Start cleaning isdn_net hangup timeout handling
> o ISDN: Fix problem
> o ISDN: Use C99 initializers
> o ISDN: __FUNCTION__ cleanup
> o ISDN: Change Christian Mock's email adress
> o ISDN: Fix BC_BUSY problem
> o ISDN: Remove debugging code
> o kbuild: check for updated [Cc] files
> o kbuild: Cleanup the chmod rule in scripts/
> o kbuild: Fix drivers/net/appletalk/
> o kbuild: Remove HPATH, general cleanup
> o kbuild: Common rule for preprocessing
> <>:
> o SCSI tape direct transfers for 2.5.31
> Linus Torvalds <>:
> o Don't allow user-level helpers to be run when our infrastructure
> isn't ready for it (either during early boot, or at shutdown)
> o Missed prototype for 'system_running' fix
> o Don't BUG_ON() SCSI length confusion. Print out the problem and the
> call trace instead.
> o Move x86 big-kernel-lock implementation into <linux/smp_lock.h>,
> since it was generic.
> o Hmm.. It was never correct to directly include <asm/smplock.h>, but
> some files still did (and got the wrong results on UP).
> o re-do spinlock cleanup, it was innocent Cset exclude:
> o Handle page fault atomicity correctly when preempt is enabled
> o Fix syntax error in character driver file introduced by
> input merge
> o Keyboard reset NAK does not imply that the keyboard isn't there.
> o Get rid of /proc dependency on inode numbers
> o Clean up asm-i386/smplock.h
> o Remove extraneous ptrace.h include
> o Fix missing kmap_types.h header (it got included "by mistake" with
> highmem enabled, but not otherwise, and was always required).
> o Update defconfig to current state (keyboard/input layer in
> particular)
> Luca Barbieri <>:
> o Make rmap.c alloc/free actually inline
> Martin Mares <>:
> o PCI ID's for 2.5.31
> <>:
> o NUMA-Q relocate early ioremap
> o NUMA-Q disable irqbalance
> Matthew Dharm <>:
> o USB-storage: final abort handler cleanup
> o USB-storage: final abort handler cleanup, for real
> o fix devices which don't support EVPD
> o fix devices which don't support START_STOP
> Neil Brown <>:
> o Rearrange setting of snd/rcv buf size to avoid locking issue
> o RPC/TCP 2 of 4 - Allow SO_REUSEADDR for NFS sockets
> o RPC/TCP 3 of 4 - Correct error message when rpc/tcp sent fails
> o RPC/TCP 4 of 4 - Handle short read when reading RPC/TCP packet
> length
> o Fix two problems with multiple concurrent nfs/tcp connects
> o call svc_sock_setbufsize when socket created
> o Fix error message printed when not enough queue space
> o md: Fix assort typos in most recent MD patches
> o md: Silence a warning in md.c
> o md: Store rdev instead of bdev in per-personality status arrays
> o md: MD error handers and md_sync_acct now get rdev instead of bdev
> o md: Keep track of number of pending requests on each component
> device on an MD array
> o md: Remove used_slot field from per-personality info
> o md: Make spare handling simple ... personalities know less
> o md: Improve code for deciding whether to skip an IO in raid5
> o md: Remove 'alias_device' flag
> o md: Remove per-personality 'operational' and 'write_only' flags
> o md: Make the old-ioctl warning in md only complain about MD ioctls
> o md: Get rid of un-necessary warning in md
> o md: Fix up oops-able error message
> Oliver Neukum <>:
> o fix urb leak in error in cdc-ether
> o Problem with CDC Ethernet driver (CDCEther.c)
> Patrick Mochel <>:
> o Change DEVICE_ATTR, BUS_ATTR, and DRIVER_ATTR macros to not take a
> '_str' parameter, and just __stringify the name instead.
> o Update device model locking
> o Fix and prevent bugs in device_register()
> o Update device model locking
> o Remove do_driver_detach(), since device_detach does the same thing
> o Use C99 initializers in driver model core
> o Make sure we do to_dev(node) in device_suspend()
> o Remove device_root device; replace with global_device_list
> o Remove extra '#include <linux/err.h>' in drivers/base/core.c
> o Introduce struct device_class
> o Introduce struct device_interface
> o Define input device class and register it
> o Define a struct device_interface for all the input interfaces and
> register them with the input device class when started up.
> o unlock the right lock in enum_device
> o input layer update
> o Remove input_handler list; replace with
> LIST_HEAD(input_handler_list)
> o Use standard linked lists in input layer
> Paul Larson <>:
> o Include tgid when finding next_safe in get_pid()
> Paul Mackerras <>:
> o USB root hub polling and suspend
> o add FP exception mode prctl
> o PPC32: add the bits needed for AIO and sendfile64 support
> o PPC32: define L1_CACHE_SHIFT
> o PPC32: Fix the type of set_rtc_time
> o PPC32: include sched.h before elfcore.h in ppc_ksyms.c
> o PPC32: define bits that are needed for the IDE subsystem now
> o PPC32: remove code that sets kd_mksound now that it isn't a pointer
> <>:
> o Probe port 0x240 too, in eexpress net driver
> Pete Zaitcev <>:
> o SPARC: More work to get sparc32 working in 2.5.x
> o SPARC: Fix prom_printf and prom console behavior
> o include/asm-sparc/pgtable.h: Fix woops in ZERO_PAGE
> Petr Vandrovec <>:
> o C99 designated initializers for fs/ncpfs
> o Support secondary head DDC on G450/G550
> o Make secondary output support mandatory for Matrox G450/G550
> o Remove structure holding state of secondary output in the matroxfb
> driver
> o matroxfb: Find appropriate setting for specified color depth by
> looking through table instead of using if-else branches in code.
> Source is cleaner, and generated code is smaller with this change.
> By Denis Zaitsev <>
> o Simplify rules for writting secondary output drivers to matroxfb
> o Use arrays for holding Matrox output drivers, it is nicer and more
> extensible than current solution with per-CRTC bitmaps.
> o Store pointer to matroxfb specific fb information instead of
> universal fb_info* pointer for secondary head. Saves some
> typecasts.
> o Use container_of instead of simple typecast when we convert
> pointers from pointer to fb_info to pointers to matrox_fb_info.
> o Initialize Matrox G100 and G400 hardware with values read from BIOS
> instead of with failsafe settings discovered in the past.
> o matroxfb DVI updates
> o Add TV-Out support for Matrox G450/G550. Due to the hardware only
> secondary CRTC can be used as a source for TV output.
> o Make debug printouts in matroxfb G400 TV-out disabled by default
> o Remove currcon field from private fb_info in matroxfb. It was moved
> to the generic layer long ago.
> o Use sizeof(*var) instead of sizeof(struct xxx) in matroxfb
> o Return ENOTTY instead of EINVAL for unknown ioctl ops in matroxfb
> o Add support for MGA-TVO-B into matroxfb. By Mike Pieper
> o matroxfb: Do not store results of bitwise AND directly in variables
> which are treated as a booleans. Comparsion does not work correctly
> on them.
> o Set system PLL vcomax correctly in matroxfb. Discovered by Dirk
> Uffmann
> o Update matroxfb to the current fbdev API
> o Unicode characters 0x80-0x9F are valid ISO* characters
> o broken cfb* support in the 2.5.31-bk
> o es1371 synchronize_irq
> o oops from console subsystem: dereferencing wild pointer
> o More display -> fb_info fixes for new fbdev
> Randy Dunlap <>:
> o Network Options and Network Devices together
> Rik van Riel <>:
> o rmap bugfix, try_to_unmap
> Robert Love <>:
> o spinlock.h cleanup
> Rusty Russell <>:
> o Designated initializers for ia64
> o [TRIVIAL] Use __cachline_aligned in netdevice.h
> o ia64 incorrect field name in message
> o designated initializers for include/linux
> o Designated initializers for i386
> o Export __per_cpu_offset so modules can use per-cpu data
> o get_cpu_var patch
> o init_tasks is not defined anywhere
> Simon Evans <>:
> o misc fixes for konicawc driver
> o cleanup RingQueue_* functions in usbvideo.c
> o konicawc - make snapshot button into input device
> o add callback for VIDIOCSWIN ioctl to usbvideo
> o add VIDIOCSWIN support to konicawc driver
> o use __FUNCTION__ in usbvideo
> o typedef uvd_t removal in usbvideo
> Stéphane Eranian <>:
> o Allow blocking on overflow notifications to work again
> Tom Rini <>:
> o A generic RTC driver [1/3]
> o A generic RTC driver [2/3]
> o A generic RTC driver [3/3]
> Trond Myklebust <>:
> o Fix typo in the RPC reconnect code
> o cleanup RPC accounting
> o Clean up the RPC socket slot allocation code [1/2]
> o Clean up the RPC socket slot allocation code [2/2]
> o Improve NFS READ reply sanity checking
> o Improve READDIR/READDIRPLUS sanity checking
> V. Ganesh <>:
> o typo in usb/serial/ipaq.h
> Vojtech Pavlik <>:
> o Fix i8042.c to ignore fake key releases generated by AT keyboard in
> translated set 2. This fixes a problem where shift-pgup, with the
> pgup released first generated an unknown scancode warning and the
> shift remained stuck.
> o This is the last and most important step in the input core
> conversion
> o This (re)implements getkeycode/setkeycode, kbd_rate and kd_mksound
> as functions interfacing to the input core. PC-Speaker handling is
> moved to a separate file. Uinput is moved to a input/misc
> directory.
> o Shorten the keycode handling code in keyboard.c and evdev.c
> o Fix bits that have fallen out when merging input-based keyboard.c
> into 2.5 - kbd0 init, sysrq support, show_regs, show_mem,
> show_state support, correct handling of shifts across vt switches,
> console blanking, console callback. Hope that's all.
> o Always build input.o in - avoid build problems with keyboard.c
> o Add mouse model reporting into psmouse.c
> o Fix a dangling 'else' after removing ps/2 keyboard support
> o Workaround to make iforce-usb.c compile with Pat Mochel's input to
> standard lists conversion.
> o Minor endianness and debugging fixes. Most thanks to Dave Miller
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