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SubjectRe: pull vs push (was Re: [bk patch] Make cardbus compile in -pre4)
On Sat, Feb 09, 2002 at 03:08:25AM -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:

> OK, so Linus has been using BK for a couple of weeks now, and some of the
> lieutenants have started setting up BK repositories at Is
> there _any_ way that one can understand the heirarchy of repositories
> at There's "linus", "linux", "linux25", and a bunch of other
> obvious branch repositories. Which one should kernel developers
> clone/pull from? It would be nice if there was a heirarchy or something
> which showed the parent-child relationship.

The 'linus' one seems to be the parent, because if I try to pull from
it bk tells me that the tree is for the private use of Linus only.

And all the other 2.5 repositories seem to be slighly out of date
(the linux/linux-2.5 one is at -pre3 instead of -pre5 etc).

So, what is supposed to be the definitive, public bk repository,
to pull from in order to have the latest changes ? (the one which will
go on eventually)

Stelian Pop <>
Alcove -
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