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SubjectRe: What's left over.
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > Crash Dumping (LKCD)
> This is definitely a vendor-driven thing. I don't believe it has any
> relevance unless vendors actively support it.

There are people within IBM in Germany, India and England, as well as
a number of companies (Intel, NEC, Hitachi, Fujitsu), as well as SGI
that are PAID to support this. In addition, Global Services at IBM
uses this as a front-line method for resolving customer problems.
If you're looking for names of people to sign up to support it
(both vendors and non-vendors), I can make that list up for you.

There are a number of us (developers, support staff, and other
interested parties) who bend over backwards, day in and day out
to make sure this stuff works and helps people, even if it isn't
kernel developers (directly -- indirectly, you get bug reports that
are sane and useful).

It's not sexy kernel stuff, but it is very important, and if you'd
like, I can have representatives from at least 10 major corporations
(Fortune 500 companies) contact you to request that this go in.

We're generating 2.5.45 patches now, and we ask that you include
the patches when they are posted.

I don't know what else to say except that people really want this
stuff and all of us in the LKCD community work really hard together
to make this project useful for everyone.

Please include this in your next snapshot.


P.S. Copying some of the users and developers.

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