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    SubjectRe: Abbott and Costello meet Crunch Time -- Penultimate 2.5 merge candidate list.
    On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 08:22, Dave Cinege wrote:
    > > untar - cpio is better.
    > CPIO is commonly used and supported by NO ONE. (rpm, whoppee)
    > Kernels even come tar'ed. KISS....

    I'm sorry but if you can't work cpio you probably shouldnt be hacking
    kernels anyway. If you can work it and have to deal with cow-orkers who
    can't then write them a nice drag and drop cpio builder.

    > just killed the high level embedded linux market, and
    > the ability to play boot games from GRUB. (Network, etc)
    > Initrd is a good **OPTION* to have to fall back on...

    They all work with initramfs

    > Do you have any serious sysadmin, clustering, or emebedded system
    > IMPLEMENTATION experience?

    I do and I don't see the problem. The one reason you want to keep initrd
    around is ROM and there are better ways of doing "initromfs"

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