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    SubjectRe: Abbott and Costello meet Crunch Time -- Penultimate 2.5 merge candidate list.
    On Wednesday 30 October 2002 3:51, Erik Andersen wrote:


    > Both formats are simple. But cpio is simpler.

    untar runs about 5K...same as 'un-cpio'. No differece there.
    But not from userland. Tar is used en masse, cpio isn't.
    It's the only reason to use tar over cpio...I feel it's a
    good one.


    #1 I'll be reviewing initramfs and adding loading images from
    the kernel support. I don't deny it's a good thing to have.

    #2 My main complaint is Jeff said if initramfs goes in
    initrd comes out. initrd should not come out. Let me clarify: the
    abilty of the bootloader to load images/archives for the kernel
    to extract should not come out.

    My patch is the best of both because, it re-writes initrd
    properly within a sane framework. (Not to mention I scrubed the hell
    out of do_mounts.)

    If you want to get rid of all the backwards compatible stuff
    (IE identifing and loading raw images to /dev/ram0,
    pivoting to /initrd) that's fine with me. The code is layed out now
    so I can litterally cut it out 10K of that junk in 30 seconds.
    Better yet I can ifdef it for the poor souls that still need it.


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