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SubjectRe: Qlogic/FC firmware
> Were's the initrd going to get the firmware?  It's not in the freakin' tree
> anymore. If I have to go download a firmware image and stick it in an
> initrd, why the hell wouldn't I just plug it directly into the kernel?
> It's *my* kernel.

Well initrd is _user_ space so it probably gets them from user space tools.

> Oh for the love of God, will you people stop drooling over the fucking GPL?
> It's *firmware*... it's just a bunch of bits. It's *not* a program the
> kernel executes. It's just data. (__init_data to be exact.)

Look, if its not distributable then its no good to anyone.

> a lot of company. Ask yourself, will you miss 128_K_ in a machine with a
> fiber channel card in it? It "bloats" the kernel for people using that
> hardware -- machines that don't need it can release it.

Well maybe, and whats the right way to do that, oh my god I do believe its
an initrd.

Well well well

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