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SubjectRe: Qlogic/FC firmware
On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Rik van Riel wrote:
>I guess using an initrd on these 0.3% of machines shouldn't
>be too big a problem

Were's the initrd going to get the firmware? It's not in the freakin' tree
anymore. If I have to go download a firmware image and stick it in an
initrd, why the hell wouldn't I just plug it directly into the kernel?
It's *my* kernel.

> compared to violating the GPL

Oh for the love of God, will you people stop drooling over the fucking GPL?
It's *firmware*... it's just a bunch of bits. It's *not* a program the
kernel executes. It's just data. (__init_data to be exact.)

> and adding
>to kernel bloat for everybody else.

One man's bloat is another man's functionality. Besides, it's got a hell of
a lot of company. Ask yourself, will you miss 128_K_ in a machine with a
fiber channel card in it? It "bloats" the kernel for people using that
hardware -- machines that don't need it can release it.


(If Sun would get off their ass(es) and support firewire, I'd stop using linux
all together. And before some smartass says they do, point to the ohci and
sbp-2 drivers on the Solaris 8 Sparc CD.)

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