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SubjectRe: Qlogic/FC firmware
>>>>> "Oliver" == Oliver Neukum <> writes:

>> > Oh for the love of God, will you people stop drooling over the
>> fucking > GPL? It's *firmware*... it's just a bunch of bits. It's
>> *not* a program > the kernel executes. It's just
>> data. (__init_data to be exact.)
>> Look, if its not distributable then its no good to anyone.

Oliver> Are you allowed to distribute an initrd that contains it,
Oliver> build from it and GNU tools ?

If you don't violate any of the licenses of the apps you stick on the
initrd. The fact you use GNU tools to build the initrd doesn't really

The problem with including this in the kernel is that the kernel as a
whole is GPL'ed so including something that is in conflict with the
GPL is kinda problematic.

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