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SubjectRe: [Acpi] Re: ACPI fundamental locking problems

> > But please don't make initrd mandatory for those of us who don't
> > need ACPI, don't need dhcp before mounting disks and so on.
> You would never even know the difference. You'd do a "make bzImage", and
> the default filesystem would just be embedded into the image. By default
> it probably doesn't need to do much - although things like the BIOS DPMI
> scan etc would surely be good to get rid of.
> Why complain about that?

I'm afraid it will make bzImage way bigger. And making bzImage build
dependend on libc is not nice... Or are you going with "userspace but
no libc" way? That would solve size, but such userspace
is... well.. not too different from kernel space ;-).
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