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    SubjectECN: Volunteers needed


    ECN is about to become a Proposed Standard RFC. Thanks to
    efforts from the Linux community, a few issues were discovered
    in the course of deploying the code. Special kudos go to Alexey
    Kuznetsov and David Miller.

    I wont go into details of the issues other than to say some
    midlle-box vendors in the past have associated the semantics of the
    natural-language English word "reserved" to have a different meaning.
    visit Jeff Garzik's ECN-under-Linux Unofficial Vendor Support Page
    at: for more details

    Sally Floyd explains best why it is wrong for vendors of middle boxes to
    be doing this in the draft to be found at:

    So why am i posting this?

    This is to solicit volunteers who will help removing the remaining cruft.
    Some vendors (special positive mention goes to CISCO) have released
    patches which are unfortunately not being propagated by some of the
    site owners.
    Help is needed to contact these site owners and politely using a standard
    email ask them that their site was non-conformant.
    Point them to Sally's draft and the fact that ECN is becoming standard
    in the next week or so. Also to Jeff's ECN-under-Linux Unofficial
    Vendor Support Page, and to encourage them to have their firewall
    or load-balancer upgraded.
    I suppose the first volunteer needed is to draft such an email. We have to
    be polite and persistent for this to work.

    Jitendra Padhye at ACIRI is running weekly tests to detect offending
    sites. Most recent results can be found at:
    Any site with the word "RST" on the line should be considered

    Volunteers please send an email to with subject "interested in

    Flames etc please redirect to netdev (since that's the only list i am on).
    as well make sure you cc the other people (other than linux-kernel and


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