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SubjectRe: ECN: Volunteers needed
On Wed, 9 May 2001, Pekka Savola wrote:

> To: Matthew Geier <>
> On Wed, 9 May 2001, Matthew Geier wrote:

> > > Help is needed to contact these site owners and politely using a standard
> > > email ask them that their site was non-conformant.


> >
> >
> > I tried to get my local bank to fix their internet banking service about a
> > month ago. I ran into a 'brick wall'. They only support Windows and MacOS,
> > since neither currently implement ECN, they don't have a problem :-(

> There are a couple of ways to deal with these:
> Try to get in touch with someone who is a network admin;


In most cases, good luck. Though as you pointed out, checking RIPE might

I mentioned in here (kernel list) about not supporting
it. I've tried to contact their administrators with no luck.

> .. Let's not start a huge thread (especially with this big Cc: list; there
> should be a smaller forum to discuss this if necessary) on this though.

Agreed. For now ECN has been disabled here. I got tired of so many sites
not supporting it that I gave up. Maybe by 2.8.x kernels it will be worth
turning back on. Thats not to say however that I don't like what the ECN
people are trying to do, rather its causing me more grief with it on, then
the grief I get with it off.

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