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Subject[newbie] timer in module

I have a network module that need to regularly get data from network
But I don't know if it safe to do a loop with a timer in the module.
e.g. I want to do something like that after ifconfig call :

timer call()
get data() // these datas are specific to device

but I'm scared that will block the driver.
I've no experience of a regularly call that let the hand to the module.
My aim is to do a get data call every x seconds (x is variable).

Is it better to let an external program executing timer call and get data
via ioctl ?

In the case of a network module wich is able to send and receive data,
whats happen if the driver is sollicited when he received or send data ?
the tbusy bit is it designed to avoid this case ?

The module is it able to execute two different parts of the module code
at the same time ? (receiving data and handle a higher layer request)

thanks for any comments.

sebastien person
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