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SubjectRe: [newbie] timer in module
Le Fri, 18 May 2001 13:43:21 +0100 (BST)
Alan Cox <> a ecrit :

> > I've no experience of a regularly call that let the hand to the
> > My aim is to do a get data call every x seconds (x is variable).
> init_timer()
> add_timer()
> del_timer()
> are your frinnds.
> > In the case of a network module wich is able to send and receive data,
> > whats happen if the driver is sollicited when he received or send data
> > the tbusy bit is it designed to avoid this case ?
> Your timer is like an interrupt (in fact it runs from one) so you will
> to lock it against transmit, receive, multicast list loads and get_stats
> all of which can happen at the same time.

So I must disable interrupt when I handle another function like receive
etc ...

> tbusy on 2.2 (its replaced on 2.4 with nicer stuff) is for write path
> and the kernel ensures your send packet routine wont be re-entered by
> send packet. It ensures you wont get an IRQ while handling the IRQ
> The rest is up to you

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