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SubjectNew gigabit cards
Opening up the latest networking postal spam here at the office, I see that
there are suddenly several sub-$200usd gigabit nics now available.

Some of the products seem so new that their manufactuors have little to no
information available about them on their webpage. One that I found, had
conflicting specs and claimed to only have a 32kbyte recieve buffer.

They all seem to claim Linux support.

Anyone benchmark any of these new gigabit cards under Linux?

FriendlyNet GigaNIX 1000TPC (Cu) $149.99

DGe-500T 32bit 10/100/1000 (Cu) $106.99

AEG-320T 10/100/1000 32bit (Cu) $119.99
AEG-620T 10/100/1000 64bit (Cu) $129.99
AEG-320FX 1000 32bit (SiO2) $169.99
AEG-620FX 1000 64bit (SiO2) $179.99

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