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SubjectRe: menuconfig snafu?
At 03:36 PM 03/28/2001, you wrote:
>On Wednesday 28 March 2001 22:17, Dennis wrote:
> > its seems that "make menuconfig" only allows you to select 1 processor
> > type. it seems impossible that you cant build a generic kernel that
> > supports different processors. Its this just a menuconfig bug?
> >
> > Dennis
>You pick the lowest common denominator. If you want a kernel that runs
>everywhere (x86 arch), pick the plain old 386.
>Or, read the menuconfig help :-)
>This is the processor type of your CPU. This information is used for
>optimizing purposes. In order to compile a kernel that can run on all x86 CPU
>types (albeit not optimally fast), you can specify "386" here.
>The kernel will not necessarily run on earlier architectures than the one you
>have chosen, e.g. a Pentium optimized kernel will run on a PPro, but not
>necessarily on a i486.

I KNOW point is that menuconfig is not intuitive in providing the


>also Dennis :-)

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