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Subject2.5.1 - intermediate bio stuff..

I just made a 2.5.1, but I'm still concentrating on bio stuff, so don't
bother sending me other patches unless they are serious bug-fixes to
something else.

2.5.1 is hopefully a good interim stage - many block drivers should work
fine, but many more do not. However, the pre-patches were getting
largish, so I'd rather do a 2.5.1 than wait for all the details.

As to other stuff - note the separation of drivers for new and old tulip
chips: if you have an old 2104x tulip chip (as opposed to the newer 2114x
chips) the regular tulip driver doesn't work any more for you. Don't be
surprised, select CONFIG_DE2104X.


- Al Viro: floppy_eject cleanup, mount cleanups
- Jens Axboe: bio updates
- Ingo Molnar: mempool fixes
- GOTO Masanori: Fix O_DIRECT error handling

- Jeff Garzik: no longer support old cards in tulip driver
(see separate driver for old tulip chips)
- Pat Mochel: driverfs/device model documentation
- Ballabio Dario: update eata driver to new IO locking
- Ingo Molnar: raid resync with new bio structures (much more efficient)
and mempool_resize()
- Jens Axboe: bio queue locking

- Jens Axboe: more bio stuff
- Ingo Molnar: mempool for bio
- Niibe Yutaka: Super-H update

- Jeff Garzik: separate out handling of older tulip chips
- Jens Axboe: more bio stuff
- Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS 1.1.21 update

- Greg KH: USB updates
- Jens Axboe: more bio updates
- Christoph Rohland: fix up proper shmat semantics

- Jens Axboe: more bio fixes/cleanups/breakage ;)
- Al Viro: superblock cleanups, boot/root mounting.

- Jens Axboe: more bio stuff
- Coda compile fixes
- Nathan Laredo: stradis driver update

- Patrick Mochel: driver model infrastructure, part 1
- Jens Axboe: more bio fixes, cleanups
- Andrew Morton: release locking fixes
- Al Viro: superblock/mount handling
- Kai Germaschewski: AVM Fritz!Card ISDN driver
- Christoph Hellwig: make cramfs SMP-safe.

- Jens Axboe: fix up bio highmem breakage, more cleanups
- Greg KH: USB update

- Al Viro: more superblock cleanups
- Jens Axboe: more patches for new block IO layer
- Christoph Hellwig: get rid of the old, long- deprecated SCSI error

- Greg KH: USB update
- Richard Gooch: refcounting for devfs
- Jens Axboe: start of new block IO layer

- me: README references to 2.4.x -> 2.5.x
- Alexander Viro: fix unmount inode breakage, show_vfsmnt cleanup
- Jeff Garzik: fix 8139too initialization

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