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SubjectRe: 2.5.1 - intermediate bio stuff..
Linus Torvalds writes:
> 2.5.1 is hopefully a good interim stage - many block drivers should
> work fine, but many more do not. However, the pre-patches were
> getting largish, so I'd rather do a 2.5.1 than wait for all the
> details.

Trying a quick test-run here:
# modprobe ide-probe-mod
/lib/modules/2.5.1/kernel/drivers/ide/ide-mod.o: unresolved symbol block_ioctl

# modprobe ide-cd
/lib/modules/2.5.1/kernel/drivers/ide/ide-mod.o: unresolved symbol block_ioctl

# modprobe ide-disk
/lib/modules/2.5.1/kernel/drivers/ide/ide-mod.o: unresolved symbol block_ioctl

# modprobe nfs
/lib/modules/2.5.1/kernel/fs/nfs/nfs.o: unresolved symbol seq_escape
/lib/modules/2.5.1/kernel/fs/nfs/nfs.o: unresolved symbol seq_printf


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