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SubjectRe: please revert bogus patch to vmscan.c
Victor Yodaiken writes:

> You can't turn off hardware hash-chains on anything past 603, sadly enough.
> So all Macs, many embedded boards, ...

All the 4xx, 8xx, and 82xx embedded PPC cpus use software TLB
loading. The 7450 has a mode bit to say whether to use a hash table
or software TLB loading. And the new "Book E" specification also
mandates software-loaded TLBs.

That still leaves almost all of the current Macs and RS/6000s using a
hash table, of course. It does sound like providing at least the
option to use software TLB loading is becoming common in new PPC

(And BTW they are not hash *chains*, there is no chaining involved.
There is a primary bucket and a secondary bucket for any given
address, each of which can hold 8 ptes.)

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