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SubjectRe: please revert bogus patch to vmscan.c

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Victor Yodaiken wrote:
> You can't turn off hardware hash-chains on anything past 603, sadly enough.

Gods, I hope they have reconsidered that in their 64-bit chips. The 32-bit
hash chains may be ugly, but the architected 32/64-bit MMU stuff is just
so incredibly baroque that it makes any other MMU look positively
beautiful ("Segments? Segments shmegments. Big deal").

I still have the occasional nightmares about the IBM block diagrams
"explaining" the PowerPC MMU in their technical documentation.

There's probably a perfectly valid explanation for them, though (*).


(*) Probably along the lines of the designers being so high on LSD that
they thought it was a really cool idea. That would certainly explain it in
a very logical fashion.

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