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SubjectRe: vger rejecting messages from mediaone (ORBS is evil)
On Sat, 15 Jan 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > almost since it's inception. They are also blocking which hosts VA
> > linux systems,, Ebay, etc. Dave Rand (founder of and author
> > of the free MRTG software) is violently anti-spam. is being blocked by
> Then he should fix his open relays. Sorry I _get_ (got nowdays I use orbs)
> spam from There are over a hundred open relays on from
> the database. A quick test by a #linux user found that's main mail
> machine appeared to relaying when fed the old <"user@domain"@domain> chestnut

This is rather ammusing, as the system that delivers mail from
vger to *.com *.org and *.edu is hosted at I too
think that ORBS and most of the other black list solutions are
evil, but are they more or less evil than spam? It's just like
last year's black list argument on l-k about blocking dialup
pools, is the inconvenience worth it? I for one think it is.

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