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SubjectRe: vger rejecting messages from mediaone (ORBS is evil)

On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, George Bonser wrote:

> That some self-appointed group can interrupt ones communications by
> presuming guilt until one subjects to a search goes against some core
> principles that many of us hold dear. Who are these people, and who
> elected them? The fix is to simply refuse to submit to their searches and
> probes making their database less one of open relays and more one of those
> who will not obey their demand. Those how choose to use them will find
> their own communications hampered.
> To find one guilty and impose punishment in the absence of any evidence of
> wrongoing simply because one refuses to submit to search is wrong. It must
> be stopped. The goal is a good one, the method is evil. I would strongly
> suggest that all net admins block these probes.

I would strongly suggest you to fuck off and mind your own servers. Block
whoever you want to block and let everyone else do the same. But TAKE THIS
AWAY FROM l-k. Alone with your principles, communications and luserness.
As the saying goes, even if the WWIII will begin, there will be only a
couple of froups where such announcement will be on-topic. And there is
another one: net is not a democracy. It's a confederation of dictatorships.
If I want to block domains with md5 of admin contact's NIC handle ending
on 42 I'll fscking do it and anybody who's going to tell me about rights
and principles is perfectly free to bugger off.

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