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SubjectRe: vger rejecting messages from mediaone (ORBS is evil)
> It's their choice. Then they will not be able to use linux-kernel and some
> other mailing list, send mail to some peoples (more and more in time).
> > Basically, ORBS is run by a megalomaniac who wants to force his views on others.
> > He is loosing. Nobody in their right mind that knows the story of ORBS would
> > use ORBS to block email. MANY systems are in ORBS database because the systems
> > admins disagree with the ORBS admin, NOT because they are open relays.
> They blocked ORBS. It's enough. What they are saying is not relevant. What
> they are doing IS relevant. ORBS does not send incorrect mails, it does not
> send incorrect IP/TCP/whatever packets and it does not produce a lot of traffic.
> The only reason to block ORBS is to make addition to ORBS's blacklist faster.
> And if wants to be blocked... They are blocked. What a problem ?

Most likely the problem is has customers who can't
upgrade to a newer mailer that can block relaying. MVS systems
running OS/390 1.3 and older (perhaps even newer OS/390) have this
problem. So, getting listed in ORBs pretty much causes spammers to
abuse these MVS systems. The only way we fould out of the problem
was to remove network mail from MVS. IBM wanted us to upgrade
OS/390, but we were busy with Y2K stuff. I'm sure similar problems
exist with other OSes. Yeah, I know, that's what happens when you
don't use open source...


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