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    SubjectRe: 2.0.34 ppa.h configuration fix
    Hi Dave,
    I see the ppa.c code in 2.0.34 is slightly different from that I
    downloaded from your ppa driver web page (ppa_1_42/ppa_mono/ppa.* from

    In the original code CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC is an integer value.
    The values that trigger the #if's in the ppa.c are 0 2 3 ... if
    CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE is not defined in (or where U want :)
    ) ppa.h defines it in the most conservative way ( driver is slow ) by
    assigning it the value 3.

    In the 2.0.34 code CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC is a boolean value that
    is set by make config: if U turn "buggy EPP chipset support" make config
    adds a #define CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC 1 line in autoconfig.h
    (that is included in ppa.c by linux/config.h), otherwise it adds a
    The way CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC is used inside ppa.c is
    differrent: it is not used as an integer value but the code has been
    modified to use it as a boolean value (original 0 mode == false,
    original 3 mode == true).

    The problem is: if U do not set "buggy EPP chipset support" in make
    config it will add line #undef CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC line in
    autoconfig.h (meaning U have a sane EPP chipset) this will be included
    in ppa.c via linux/config.h and will trigger lines 18,19,20 in ppa.h ...
    result: CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC is always defined!

    the soultion is simply to remove lines 18,19,20 in ppa.h


    Please let me know what U think
    Paolo Losi

    P.S. the define line in ppa.h is not splitted ... it's a typo :=(
    P.P.S thank so much for your great work ... :)

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