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SubjectRe: 2.0.34 ppa.h configuration fix
Hi David.

> Quick table for ppa 1.42, note

> Mode 0 EPP long data transfer with "asm loop"
> Mode 1 EPP long data transfer
> Mode 2 EPP word data transfer
> Mode 3 EPP byte data transfer

> With the patch I sent to Alan Cox I stripped out Mode 1 and Mode 3
> from the internals of ppa.c. Experience has shown that is Mode 0
> failed then Mode 1 and 2 will also fail. there a typo there, or did you really strip out mode 3
because mode 2 will fail?

For reference, on my network, there's one box where modes 0 and 1 fail
but modes 2 and 3 work, and another where only mode 3 works. All of
the others with EPP will happily accept all four modes. For this
reason, I'd personally like to see at least modes 0, 2 and 3 retained,
even if with different designators...

I will also state that I've yet to see a machine where mode 0 failed
and mode 1 worked, so mode 1 can probably safely go.

Best wishes from Riley.

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