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SubjectRe: 2.0.34 ppa.h configuration fix
> Date:          Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:39:17 +0000
> From: Paolo Losi <>
> To: David Campbell <>
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: 2.0.34 ppa.h configuration fix

> Hi Dave,
> I see the ppa.c code in 2.0.34 is slightly different from that I
> downloaded from your ppa driver web page (ppa_1_42/ppa_mono/ppa.* from


> The problem is: if U do not set "buggy EPP chipset support" in make
> config it will add line #undef CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC line in
> autoconfig.h (meaning U have a sane EPP chipset) this will be included
> in ppa.c via linux/config.h and will trigger lines 18,19,20 in ppa.h ...
> result: CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC is always defined!
> the soultion is simply to remove lines 18,19,20 in ppa.h
> #endif

Ahhh!!! *light appears overhead*

Quick table for ppa 1.42, note "Mode" <=> CONFIG_SCSI_PPA_HAVE_PEDANTIC

Mode 0 EPP long data transfer with "asm loop"
Mode 1 EPP long data transfer
Mode 2 EPP word data transfer
Mode 3 EPP byte data transfer

With the patch I sent to Alan Cox I stripped out Mode 1 and Mode 3 from
the internals of ppa.c. Experience has shown that is Mode 0 failed then
Mode 1 and 2 will also fail. This cleans up some of the problems with the
config scripts (and makes things a little easier for the user).

Obviously I missed ppa.h, Arrggg!!!

One patch heading Alan Cox's direction shortly. Thanks for the report.

David Campbell

"All parallel ports are equal - Some are more equal than others"

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