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SubjectEEPro100 stops working with 2.1.103

EEPro10/100 with 2.1.103 kernel, 4CPU/2GB RAM

BTW: 0x70000000 should be 0x80000000 for the 2GB patch in

Under small network traffic, the card works ok.
Under heavy work load, the network card repeatedly prints out the
following message, and stops working. Any clue of this?


eth0: Transmit timeout: status 7048 command 0000.
eth0: Tx timeout fill index 276996 scavenge index 276981
Tx queue 000ca000 000ca000 000ca000 4003a000 000ca000 .....
Rx ring 0000a020 0000a020 ......
eth0: Trying to restart the transmitter

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