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SubjectRe: EEPro100 stops working with 2.1.103
On Wed, 27 May 1998, Xintian Wu wrote:

> On Wed, 27 May 1998, Dominik Weis wrote:
> > > ENV:
> > > EEPro10/100 with 2.1.103 kernel, 4CPU/2GB RAM
> > > eth0: Transmit timeout: status 7048 command 0000.
> > > eth0: Tx timeout fill index 276996 scavenge index 276981
> > > Tx queue 000ca000 000ca000 000ca000 4003a000 000ca000 .....
> > > Rx ring 0000a020 0000a020 ......
> > > eth0: Trying to restart the transmitter
> > I reported the same to linux-kernel two days ago but after I rebooted the
> > computer I didn't get the message anymore.
> I have successfully repeated the same several times. :(
> The setting is that the 4-cpu machine runs 4 jobs. At the
> same time, it serves as an NFS server for other three
> 2-cpu machines running totally 6 jobs of the same kind.
> The jobs are heavy I/O and heavy CPU combined.
> BTW1: I tried the tulip21x4x network card. So far it works fine under
> my working condition.
> BTW2: 3Com905 is tried also. Basically I find it dead faster than EEPRO100.

My computer has only 2CPU's but I use it as a server for tests. It runs
many services
(MAIL,HTTP,NEWS,SAMBA,NETATALK) and I compile programs on this computer.
The message only appeard three times on the 24th and thats it. I have no
clue why it stoped. I rebooted
the server 5 hours after that message
apeard the third time. If I would not have checked the error logs I don't
think I would have noticed the error.


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