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SubjectNO_ATIME Patch
Hi All

This is my first post to the list. If its a post that should be at another
place just tell me and I'll leave quietly...

I have been trying to configure a machine optimised to run as a squid cache.
I've used Michael O'Reilly's FileHandle patch (which I think is working OK -
I'm still not sure which refernce is to the filedescriptor maximum - there
are options for maximum number of files per process and maximum number of
processes - I've got both set at 3092 - any higher and the kernel that
results won't boot. I've also altered the resulting limits.h file in
/usr/include/linux to set the file_max option there to 3092) and the
configure script will run without complaining about anything.

Now I want to set the cache drives to use a NO_ATIME option. I found a patch
looking through dejanews but it didn't take. Can anyone let me know if the
2.0.36 kernel allows you to set a NO_ATIME option, or if I need a patch, and
if I do need a patch wehre it can be found?

David Leigh

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