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SubjectRe: disk naming proposal & devfs (fwd)
Perry Harrington writes:
> Greetings, I am new to (this) list. I have quite a bit of experience with
> Solaris, and I must say that duplicating the Solaris naming scheme to access
> SCSI disks/devices is a Good Thing(tm). Getting commercial software vendors
> to support Linux is difficult already, creating some non-standard obscure
> naming scheme is a step in the wrong direction. It is conceivable that we
> could get some commercial vendor (Veritas???) to support Linux when logical
> vols are up to snuff, and this would make them happy. I personally think
> that the Controller,Target,device?,slice model seems kindof silly, but Solaris

There is no way we can use the Solaris format, since they miss
information (the SCSI channel or bus, which is a per host/controller
thing). Leonard has come up with a reasonable alternative to what I've
done: h0c0t0u0p2: host,channel,target,unit,partition.



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