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SubjectRe: disk naming proposal & devfs (fwd)
Theodore Y. Ts'o writes:
> Note:
> I've been sitting back and watchings this argument about what
> the names should be in devfs with great amusement. This is one of the
> other traditional reasons given for why we should stick to simple major,
> minor device numbers. People can agree (or don't care about) on
> major/minor device numbers. As soon as you introduce alpha-numeric
> names, it becomes a completely different story.
> Arguments about naming are the mother-of-all-ratholes in computer
> science, and this observation has been proven true time and time
> again.....

Really? So who decides on the names in Documentation/devices.txt? Is
there no argument there? Or has it come and gone for SCSI discs?
I expect most people would use the standard names. Those who really
hate the names would create symlinks. Devfs can work in this mode



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