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2 Feb 1997

  Re: Encrypted filesystemSystemkennung Linux
  Re: csum_partial_copy_fromuser patch, #2Jakub Jelinek
[New] Comments on the i386 implementation of smp_lock.h/locks.STom May
  Re: csum_partial_copy_fromuser patch, #2Tom May
  Re: A couple "normal user" questions.."Mark A. Breuer"
  Re: Source NavigatorJohn Gotts
[New] Status of Linux Real Time?(Erik Andersen)
  Re: x86 clock speed patch -- Possible bug?Stephan Meyer
[New] RE: Kernel InternalsJames Mohr
[New] 2.1.24 problems... lonewolf@athena ...
  Re: A couple "normal user" questions..(Nick Holloway)
[New] script/Configure screwed on integer param.Philippe Strauss
  Re: Status of Linux Real Time?Tomasz Motylewski
  Re: ip forwarding broken in 2.1.24 ?root
  Re: script/Configure screwed on integer param.Jesse Thilo
  Re: 2.1.24 patchkit #2Philippe Strauss
  Re: 2.1.24 problems...Tuomas Heino
  Re: A couple "normal user" questions..Systemkennung Linux
[New] IP MasqueradingListas da Ciclo
  Re: Encrypted filesystem - getting off-topicOlaf Titz
  Re: Encrypted filesystemOlaf Titz
[New] depmod(-2.1.23) dumps core on linux 2.1.24Markus Kossmann
[New] Packages required for 2.1.24Mats Forssblad
[New] survey for ppp module problems under 2.1.24Richard Henderson
  Re: survey for ppp module problems under 2.1.24"David S. Miller"
  Re: Packages required for 2.1.24Rob Glover
  Re: samba: complete freeze of 2.0.27 on alpha?"Chris"
[New] cosmetic patches for 2.1.25Trevor Johnson
[New] kfaultd report"Andrew E. Mileski"
  Re: csum_partial_copy_fromuser patch, #2(Alan Cox)
  Re: cosmetic patches for 2.1.25Trevor Johnson
  Re: csum_partial_copy_fromuser patch, #2"David S. Miller"
  Packet accounting counters switch to 64 bits?(Marc MERLIN)
  Re: Packages required for 2.1.24"Andrew E. Mileski"
  Re: MMX bogomips funIlluminati Primus
[New] unable to compile 2.1.xFranco
  MMX performance....Phillip G Ezolt
  Re: Comments on the i386 implementation of smp_lock.h/locks.S"David S. Miller"
  Re: unable to compile 2.1.xTrevor Johnson
[New] Re: clock rate probing - final patchWilliam Sowerbutts
[New] ANNOUNCE: SMP developer list"David S. Miller"
  Re: MMX stuff..Zach
  Re: MMX stuff.."David S. Miller"
[New] Loadlin questions, continuedJeff Millar
  Re: MMX bogomips fun"Chris"
[New] 3Com 3x90x series network cards.Dan Merillat
[New] 2.1.25 breaks printingMichael Nelson
  Loadlin 1.6a works with 2.1.25"Robert A. Yetman"
[New] What/Where is "__NR_query_module" ???Stefan Bosnjakovic
[New] Lockups in 2.1.25?Robert Cope
  Re: x86 clock speed patch -- Possible bug?"Nicholas J. Leon"
[New] Re: Loadlin 1.6a works with 2.1.25Jeff Millar
  Re: select_table code still used here and there (2.1.23)"W. Reilly Cooley"
[New] Problem compiling SMC 9194Richard Gooch
  Re: 3Com 3x90x series network cards.John Wyszynski
[New] DEC tulip 21140-AC broken driver"B. James Phillippe"
[New] Resource locks and unkillable processes in 2.1.24 aidas@ixsrs4 ...
[New] Re: New mailing list?"Roel C. Lascano"
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