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SubjectRe: A couple "normal user" questions..
> (Alan Cox) writes:
> > I don't want 8K of my kernel wasted because I can't remember to save config
> > files.
> I have a discovered a way to store the configuration, which only requires
> 16 bytes (32 if stored in ascii). This could be appended to the output of
> 'uname -v'
> $ sed -n 's/CONFIG_\(.*\)=y/\1/p' .config | md5sum
> 6d1565d41a236978dfc1622d9e00fb3b

Modifying the output of uname is no good idea as too many programs depend
on it. Aside it looks ugly and /proc is the better place for something
like that.

On the other side this appoach would help so solve several other issues.
Among them updating /etc/psdatabase and /etc/psdevtab such that they
fit the running kernel.

> I must admit, I haven't developed the program to reverse the operation :-)

Can you make a cow of a hamburger ?-)


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