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SubjectRe: Content of Kernel mailing list
> > debugging. Anything that discourages people from reporting bugs, or
> > making suggestions, is not taken well.
> I am not suggesting that people do not report bugs, but rather
> read the list before blind posting something which has been posted there
> 50 times previously... perhaps I should have explained in a bit more
> detail.

I've discovered/reported/fixed a handful of kernel bugs in my time.
I absolutely refuse, at 1am, after I've just found something funky,
to go scan my mail queue before I send the report. If you are
complaining now, you should have been around when all the 1.3.x users
were whining about "broken flock emulation" or "ps aux floating point error"

> That is what I had hoped to avoid, I joined this list in the hopes the
> majority of the posts would be the discussion of the implementation of
> new hardware drivers, software ideas and protocols, I did not realize that
> the majority of the discussion was "Please help me fix this", I admit to
> being a bit brash in my comments, but I still believe that most had
> understood that I was pleeding that one reads their current Inbox to see
> if someone else has already posted this before creating a duplicate entry.

Heh, my inbox lags about a day behind the list activity, sometimes
worse on our little overworked 256k link to commercial net here
on base.

Melvin Smith

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