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SubjectRe: NT basically sucks
On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, Daniel A. Taylor wrote:

> On 23-Jan-97 Andi Gutmans scribed:
> >i love linux but this is bullshit.
> >Linux has had tons of bugs too :) the ping bug for example
> >
> Which was fixed and a patch released within a couple of days
> of the problem being discovered. Besides, the BUG was in Win95
> for sending those packets out to begin with ;)
> Linux is not perfect, but I haven't seen an MS OS that
CHEER!! Linux is great! And his point is good too, linux will always be
patchable, very easily, (I know my grammar sucks), since there are so many
people with thier hands in the code.

Maybe we should end this thread though, since we've pretty much come to a
conclusion.. :) That way we don't make the kernel guys mad. :)

> even comes close in quality/performance let alone price.
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Michael A. Ballbach: N0ZTQ

"You earth people have glorified violence for centuries, but imprisoned
those who do so separately." -- Spock

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