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SubjectRe: NT basically sucks
i love linux but this is bullshit.
Linux has had tons of bugs too :) the ping bug for example


On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Illuminati Primus wrote:

> One more good reason why Linux is better than WindozeNT:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 06:25:47 +0900
> From: "Jason T. Luttgens" <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list BUGTRAQ <BUGTRAQ@NETSPACE.ORG>
> Subject: NT4 bug? Or bug in my hardware?
> Can anyone confirm this? On an NT4 server (maybe workstation too, I don't have it to try),
> if you telnet to port 135, type a bunch of junk (say 10-20 characters), hit enter and disconnect,
> the server's processor utilization will go up to 100%!!! The only fix I found was to reboot.
> I tried with and without SP2.....same result. The installation is 'out of the box' with standard
> default install options, of course including TCP/IP. I have no other NT4 servers to try this on
> and was wondering if I could get someone to try and confirm this .....
> Luck
> ..Then, from Aleph One:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> >From Wed Jan 22 20:38:42 1997
> Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 14:38:07 -0600
> From: Aleph One <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list BUGTRAQ <BUGTRAQ@NETSPACE.ORG>
> Subject: NT RPC Service Bug
> There have been several dozen replies to the original message. I
> sumarize here:
> The bug seems to exits in NT Server and Workstation 4.0, with or without
> SP1 and/or SP2. In other words all verions. Some people report the
> problem also exist on NT 3.51. A small group of people report it did not
> work for them but did not give enough information to figure out if the RPC
> service was simple not running, what build of NT they had, or if their
> testing methodoly was wront. So it's safe to assue the vulnerability exits
> in most NT installations.
> For it to work you must have the 'RPC Configuration' service installed.
> This is the default. Port 135 is defined in RFC1060 as:
> 135 LOC-SRV Location Service [JXP]
> You must connect to port 135 using TCP, send some random characters,
> and disconnect. You MUST send a series of characters. If you just connect
> and disconnect from the port it wont work. My testing shows that in some
> instances the CPU usage will rise but come back down in a few seconds. I
> belive it may have something to do with the string you send to it. If your
> CPU usage did not stay at 100% try again with a different string.
> After you disconnect the rpcss.exe process will start consumming all
> available process cycles. NT does not allow you to kill rpcsss.exe even
> under normal operation. You must reboot the machine to get rid of it. You
> will still be able to launch other application (the NT schedualer will
> give them CPU time), but they will run very slowly and the CPU will stay
> at 100% utilization. The performance monitor shows that rougly rpcss.exe
> spends 20% of the time in user mode, and 80% of the time in system mode.
> Aleph One /
> KeyID 1024/948FD6B5
> Fingerprint EE C9 E8 AA CB AF 09 61 8C 39 EA 47 A8 6A B8 01

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