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SubjectRe: NT basically sucks
On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, Harald Koenig wrote:

> > i love linux but this is bullshit.
> you're so right;)
> > Linux has had tons of bugs too :) the ping bug for example
> ^^^^^^^
> very important, isn't it?
> and remember that you have (or can get) all the sources for Linux
> and if there is a bug you either can fix it yourself, ask/hire someone
> to fix it or just ask The Net [tm] for help.
> did you every try to contact MickeySoft and ask for immediate help
> (say within 4 weeks;) ?

I remember that whole ping bug. People were talking about it almost
immediately after it was found and it spread like wildfire and was fixed
within a day or two, at the most, right? 95 has some bugs that have been
known since Win3.11. NT bugs have spread like wildfire (at least on IRC)
and not been corrected.

Greg Alexander

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