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SubjectNT basically sucks
One more good reason why Linux is better than WindozeNT:

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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 06:25:47 +0900
From: "Jason T. Luttgens" <>
To: Multiple recipients of list BUGTRAQ <BUGTRAQ@NETSPACE.ORG>
Subject: NT4 bug? Or bug in my hardware?

Can anyone confirm this? On an NT4 server (maybe workstation too, I don't have it to try),
if you telnet to port 135, type a bunch of junk (say 10-20 characters), hit enter and disconnect,
the server's processor utilization will go up to 100%!!! The only fix I found was to reboot.
I tried with and without SP2.....same result. The installation is 'out of the box' with standard
default install options, of course including TCP/IP. I have no other NT4 servers to try this on
and was wondering if I could get someone to try and confirm this .....


..Then, from Aleph One:

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