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SubjectRe: Sun, Java, Linux
On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, Matt Hartley wrote:

> > Dude, do you see a C compiler in the kernel? How about C++ ?
> > Fortran? Ada? Pascal? BASIC? Any programming language at all?
> >
> > Compilation or interpretation of a programming language is a user-space
> > thing - it does NOT belong in the kernel.
> >
> > The kernel is for funky things like hardware drivers, handling the
> > multitasking, etc.
> >
> Tell that to Sun.

Actually, if you consider that .class files _are_ compiled (for the Java
VM, that is), then it you could argue that putting a "java machine"
emulator in the kernel would make sense... You could even consider it as
another binary format (which I think is the generally accepted point of

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