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SubjectRe: Sun, Java, Linux
On Tue, 4 Jun 1996, Matt Hartley wrote:

[huge snip]

> Not much else I can think of, we should try to get a free license to include
> the interperter in the kernel (of course only if Linus likes this and it
> would increase the size of things and it would have to be optional....) or
> maybe a module (I LOVE MODULES!) instead of the workaround we have now.
> That would make it easier for interpertation for each machine through the
> OS possibly. I dunno.


Dude, do you see a C compiler in the kernel? How about C++ ?
Fortran? Ada? Pascal? BASIC? Any programming language at all?

Compilation or interpretation of a programming language is a user-space
thing - it does NOT belong in the kernel.

The kernel is for funky things like hardware drivers, handling the
multitasking, etc.

-- Matt

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PS: not bad for an amateur ;)

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