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SubjectSun, Java, Linux
Well, I am currently attending the 50th annual Technet fair in DC this week, 
and today I attended a lecture on Java by Sun Microsystems. A few notes
for the technically challenged and the technically proficient:

1> JDK 2.0 is going to be released in about three weeks, after one of their
technical engineers who talked some today gets back from Taiwan.

We get to have with it and Linux!!! :)

2> Last week around 25 companies (at least) signed off for licenses of Java.
The was the first time EVER Bill Gates signed a license for a non-MS product,
and he cannot change the product AT ALL according to the license.

3> Look for JITs (sorry, don't remember the acronym) that spped up the
performance of interpretation from java byte code to machine code.
Apparently there are coming and will increase things to almost native
speed (with some java code actually being faster).

4> Java OS can fit at a minimum in 1 512k EEPROM. They have a NC (network
computer -- super hype) that they demonstrated today that will be marketed
in about 30 days that has Java OS, 2 mb of ram, no disk, etherenet, serial,
etc for ~ 500-1000 US $.

5> A note on this JAva OS: the technical engineer said they wrote THREE
device drivers, one for the keyboard, one for the ethernet, one for the
serial bus (I believe) in THREE DAYS in java!!! WOW! 3 days is good,, and
the guy wasn't lying. He said they aren't perfect, but they work as he

6> Mitsubishi has a chip that contains a processor and the java interpeter
on one IC.

7> The international sun vp or something like that mentioned linux THREE
times!! (lots of threes I am noticing) He mentioned it more than SunOS (none),
Solaris (2), or any other unix system. Go linux!!

Not much else I can think of, we should try to get a free license to include
the interperter in the kernel (of course only if Linus likes this and it
would increase the size of things and it would have to be optional....) or
maybe a module (I LOVE MODULES!) instead of the workaround we have now.
That would make it easier for interpertation for each machine through the
OS possibly. I dunno.

I also heard a lecture on Information Security. The Pres and CEO of
RSA Encrytpion was there. An excellent speaker, if I hadn't know what
public key encryption was I would have after his speech.

Well, I hope this information is of some use to you java for linux hackers.
Matt Hartley

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