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SubjectRe: Linux reboot
On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, William E. Roadcap wrote:

> On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, PAER LINDH wrote:
> >
> > I have always wondered why Linux never reboots by itself when I type
> > reboot or press CTRL-ALT-DEL. I will have to press the reset button
> > manually. It just stops after the text
> >
> > rebooting
> >
> > has appeared on the screen. This has happened ever since I switched CPU
> > to a AMD DX4-120. Before on my AMD DX2-66 it rebooted fine.
> > In MS-DOS/Windows the rebooting works fine.
> I have had this problem and was unable to fix it. It's nothing to really
> worry about, you may have to live with it.
> Did you also change motherboards? In my system, the BIOS had some weird
> setting that dealt with the using the keyboard controller or chipset
> controller for reset. Setting it either way made no difference. I had to
> assume that the problem was an oddball motherboard design and I lived
> with it. I have since switch motherboards (NOT CPU) and Linux is able to
> reset ok.
> I suspect the reason DOS/Windows is able to reset your board is because
> those programs probably use the BIOS to reset, Linux does not. This is
> an excerpt from the Linux sources.
> /*
> * This routine reboots the machine by asking the keyboard
> * controller to pulse the reset-line low. We try that for a while,
> * and if it doesn't work, we do some other stupid things.
> */
> So it seem the reset process is just a gamble. It's a good gamble, but may
> not work with all hardware.
> Don't worry. If your filesystems are unmounted and especially if the
> system seems to be locked up after you see "rebooting" everything will be
> fine.
I boot my Linux partition using Loadlin from DOS. When I boot directly
into Linux, reboot works fine (most of the time). However, if I boot into
DOS first (doing nothing else) and then run Loadlin I experience the same
results as PL has reported. This indicates that something in memory is
not as Linux expects it when reboot executes. As I also have had isolated
instances of reboot hanging when I booted correctly, I suspect that it is
possible to break this memory connection without the help of DOS.

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