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SubjectRe: PNP patch into kernel when?

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew E Mileski <> writes:

Andrew> I expect the changes I propose the the PnP patch to will be
Andrew> inconsequential to programmers in short order. Heck, they
Andrew> might even grow to prefer them :-)

Before we (noticeable Linus) add yet another interface for device
allocation/registration to the kernel, I think we should try to look
at the needs for all the various architectures and try to specify a
common interface that is similar for all (bus)architectures. How does
the new PnP interface compare to the existing Zorro, SBUS and PCI
config interfaces?

I see no reason to have N fundamentally different interfaces for this
if we can have one common interface. This will also be usefull if/when
we try to integrate/merge various drivers (for instance I dont see
much of a reason for having 7+ different Lance Ethernet drivers in the


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