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SubjectRe: PNP patch into kernel when?

> > > What exactly is the benefit of renaming request_region() and so on? [...]
> >
> > couldnt this be renamed in one go, with a script? [if it's only a rename
> > that happens there].
> Yes, but it will cause needless heartache to people who try to maintain
> compatibility with more than one version of the kernel (as is the case for
> quite a lot of 3rd-party drivers). You'll end up with every driver having
> something like
> #define request_interrupt request_irq
> #endif
> and you will upset people who want modules to be binary compatible.

I'd hate to do this, but you asked for it: Windows'95! :-)

(I think you generate your own 10 page answer based on the same principle.)

Andrew E. Mileski
Linux Plug-and-Play Kernel Project
XFree86 Matrox Team

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