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SubjectRe: Powersaving Monitor (DPMS)

On Wed, 25 Dec 1996, Jason Burrell wrote:

> Of course, the monitor has a power switch, but I
> don't really like reaching behind it all the time, and besides, the
> blinking lights when in standby mode look cool. ;)

Ahh, ever seen a busy 5 port UTP hub ? 13 coloured LED's flashing away ...

> What I want is for the VC screen blanker to pop my monitor into standby
> mode when it blanks the screen, and perhaps turn it "off" after 20
> minutes. Then, when activity wakes the VC blanker up and it releases its
> blank, it turns the monitor back on.

Well it's not a very good blanker in that it only has blanked, or not
blanked ...

> I went into linux/drivers/char/vesa_blank.c, snipped the utility, and
> tried to use it to perform the various functions. Nada. Nothing. I've
> tried with APM enabled and disabled in the CMOS, and compiled the kernel
> with and without APM support. If I have APM support compiled into the
> kernel and APM support enabled in the CMOS, the Linux boot hoses with a
> General Protection 000, and a message about the kernel stack.

Hmm, I get the impression your looking for instant results, it dosn't work
like that. What the utility does is make the blanker drop which ever sync
line you told it to (with the params). X is much better in that you can
set timeouts for blank, sleep, suspend, and off ...

> I know the functions work with the hardware I have because Windoze 95 uses
> them fine. The "suspend" option on the start menu suspends the machine,
> and then, about two seconds later, drops the monitor into one of its
> standby modes. I'm rather curious as to why Linux hoses the boot when APM
> is enabled in the CMOS, too.

Most odd, is your hardware mentioned in the APM stuff as problematic ? It
worked fine with my APM bios when I messed with it (tho why a PC that only
takes AC should need an APM bios is beyond me ...)

> I'm perfectly willing to start hacking the kernel to get this to work like
> it should, and willing to hack the VC screen blanker to behave as I
> described, provided it's needed and that someone will point me towards the
> DPMS spec.
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