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SubjectRe: A few things.

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Charlie Ross wrote:

> I have a couple questions... and theyre all kernel related :)
> 1) Is there any plan to inorporate the MAC HFS fs into the kernel source?
> 2) Powersaving monitors... I dunno if anyone else has this "problem" but i
> figure i'd ask...
> I have a powersaving monitor... it has 2 seperate "low power" standby
> modes... the first is triggerd by loosing one of the syncs (I think its
> Vsync) and the other mode is triggered by loosing BOTH syncs. Currently
> the kernel supports my first mode but not the second... Its not that I need
> to save power... but I'd like to minimize heat. My monitor BAKES when its
> on... simmers when in mode 1 and is cool in mode 2. My room is hot. help
> me?

Hmm, the kernel supports everything. I assume you are using the util in
linux/drivers/char/vesa_blank.c (go cut it out if your not).

# vesa_blank
usage: setvesablank on|vsync|hsync|powerdown|off

well I think that gives enough control, don't you think ....

> 3) suggestion: I have drive that develops a bad block now and then... its
> a gig.. and i need it. But every month or so.. one block up and dies. Its
> an MSDOS partition, so currently it says "MEDIA ERROR!" then makes the
> drive read-only.. then i need to reboot into dos/win95 and do a scandisk or
> nortons or what have you... to fix the bad block. then reboot back into
> linux... Is there a way to have linux simply mark bad sectors as it finds
> them? I mean... its not like you're going to get the data that was in the
> block back... might as well just mark the sucker. right?

or we could assume a smart disk and jump on the sector until it goes away ;)
(ie is remaped by the disk's electronics).

> 4) is there any way... in the world... that I can make linux run a win95
> screensaver? (through X I guess) obviously not a pressing question... but
> it'd be neet to have the 3d pipes ;)

Hmm, proberbly not work, but have you tried wine, they're just programs ...

Well, I just tried it, and apart from it complaning a bit, (about a "non
existent stub" ??), in the xterm; and that 'wine kalid.scr /s' can't see
/s as it's not part of a dos drive (you need to do 'wine "kalid.scr /s"
...), it works fine.

The /s means screen save please, without it you get the setup screen.

> Thanks!
> -Chuck

PGP key pass phrase forgotten, \ Overload -- core meltdown sequence
again :( and I don't care ;) | initiated.
/ This space is intentionally left
| blank, apart from this text ;-)

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