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SubjectRe: Powersaving Monitor (DPMS)

On Wed, 25 Dec 1996, Jason Burrell wrote:

> minutes. Then, when activity wakes the VC blanker up and it releases its
> blank, it turns the monitor back on.

The console blanker should be able to do this already. Say "setterm
-powersave on" or something like that, or use the code in vesa_blank.c.

This won't work if you're running X. The Xserver would need modifying to
support that - maybe it does already.

> tried with APM enabled and disabled in the CMOS, and compiled the kernel
> with and without APM support. If I have APM support compiled into the

You shouldn't need APM in either the CMOS or the kernel to support DPMS
blanking. It's independent.


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