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SubjectA few things.

I have a couple questions... and theyre all kernel related :)

1) Is there any plan to inorporate the MAC HFS fs into the kernel source?

2) Powersaving monitors... I dunno if anyone else has this "problem" but i
figure i'd ask...
I have a powersaving monitor... it has 2 seperate "low power" standby
modes... the first is triggerd by loosing one of the syncs (I think its
Vsync) and the other mode is triggered by loosing BOTH syncs. Currently
the kernel supports my first mode but not the second... Its not that I need
to save power... but I'd like to minimize heat. My monitor BAKES when its
on... simmers when in mode 1 and is cool in mode 2. My room is hot. help

3) suggestion: I have drive that develops a bad block now and then... its
a gig.. and i need it. But every month or so.. one block up and dies. Its
an MSDOS partition, so currently it says "MEDIA ERROR!" then makes the
drive read-only.. then i need to reboot into dos/win95 and do a scandisk or
nortons or what have you... to fix the bad block. then reboot back into
linux... Is there a way to have linux simply mark bad sectors as it finds
them? I mean... its not like you're going to get the data that was in the
block back... might as well just mark the sucker. right?

4) is there any way... in the world... that I can make linux run a win95
screensaver? (through X I guess) obviously not a pressing question... but
it'd be neet to have the 3d pipes ;)



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